The Interactive & Immersive HQ

Founded by Elburz Sorkhabi, The Interactive & Immersive HQ is your one-stop-shop for everything TouchDesigner-related. On their site, you'll learn technical workflows and TouchDesigner how-to's from Elburz's years of experience building some of the largest installations in the world, while simultaneously immersing yourself in industry tips and career advice from someone who built a successful interactive development firm from scratch.

In addition to the free resources, The HQ provides a paid resource called The HQ PRO. In The HQ PRO, users will find over 50 hours of in-depth TouchDesigner video courses, 20+ TouchDesigner tools and components, and a Facebook group where Elburz and TouchDesigner legend Matthew Ragan answer questions, share their knowledge, and network with HQ PRO members.

Check out The Interactive & Immersive HQ here: