Experimental 2022.22650

2022 Official Release Candidate (RC1) - Blackmagic 12-bit support, Engine COMP and TouchEngine updates, improvements and bug fixes.
Release Notes 
Experimental Builds Experimental builds include new features still in development and testing, features are subject to change. For the stability and reliability required for performances and project deliveries, we recommend using the production ready Official Builds.
CAUTION! Project .toe files saved in Experimental can not be loaded back in Official.
Known Issues
All Builds
  • Some TOP networks may display garbage textures on AMD or Intel GPUs.
  • Some panel borders and buttons elements may not display correctly on hiDPI monitors.
  • Movie File Out TOP - H264/H265 encoding may show an incorrect error message on the Movie File Out TOP, even though it is working.
macOS Specific
  • macOS - Texture flickering in floating windows on Apple Silicon Macs.
  • palette:particlesGpu - On macOS, no longer crashes but still doesn't work yet.
  • USD COMP - Not working yet.
macOS Apple Silicon Build Specific
Build 2022.22650 - Apr 27, 2022
New Features
New Python
  • OP Class.setInputs(list) - Simplified way of setting all an operators inputs at once, without dealing with connector details. Entries in the list can be None to disconnect specific inputs. An empty list disconnects all inputs.
Examples: op('geo1').setInputs( ops('box*') )op('merge1').setInputs( [] ) # disconnect all
  • Project Class - Renamed members Project.saveOsName/Version to Project.saveOSName/Version
  • Script CHOP.clear will now set the CHOP to the global sample rate, not necessarily 60 frames per second.
New Palette
  • Palette:quadReproject - v0.1.2 - quadReproject is now relying on the new parGroup class in some places.
  • Palette:sopRender - Retrofit with cameraViewport component.
  • Palette:splitter - v0.1.3 - splitter was updated to use the Text COMP for UI elements.
  • Palette:SVG - v0.1.3 - SVG is now relying on the new parGroup class in some places. Performance improvements.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Updated font engine to Slug 6.2
  • AJA - Upgrade to SDK
  • USD - Upgraded SDK to v22.03.
  • TouchEngine - Fixed outputs not updating in some circumstances.
  • Engine COMP - Fixed issue which caused wired connections to be lost after an Engine COMP was replicated and loading completed.
  • Geo Text COMP - Added support for a Specification CHOP.
  • Geo Text COMP - Added transform mode column to the Specification DAT to allow positioning relative to the last block or the text layout position. Also added append and local transform columns for further control.
  • Geo Text COMP - Fixed a problem navigating 3D text when there were empty lines in the specification DAT.
  • Geo Text COMP - Fixed an issue using custom font files.
  • Text COMP - Fixed bug with tabs not indenting at certain font size.
  • Text COMP - Fixed a bug that prevented bound values from updating properly after editing.
  • Text COMP - Fixed issue with the Text COMP automatically grabbing the focus when a key was pressed while the mouse was over it.
  • Text COMP - Numerical formatting can now be used for values in the specification DAT.
  • Text COMP / Text TOP / Text SOP - Renamed Smart Quotes parameter to 'Smart Punctuation' for consistency.
  • Panel Components - Added new 'Allow UI Shortcuts' parameter to let any panel pass shortcut keys to the network editor. Panels in network editor will have shortcuts passed up to the network editor and then to the application level. Panels in perform mode will pass shortcuts up to application level.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Fix some cases where NotchLC didn't encode properly.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Fixed 'Image Sequence' not outputting correctly.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Fixed R and B channels being swapped for YUV 4:4:4 outputs for H.264/H.265.
  • Render TOP - Blank the depth and image outputs when Render parameter is disabled.
  • Video Device In TOP - Added frames_skipped channel to the Info CHOP.
  • ZED TOP - Fixed R and B colors being reversed.
  • Join CHOP - Allow duplicate CHOP inputs again.
  • Timer CHOP - Fractional speed working again.
  • CHOP to DAT - Large performance optimization when working with long channels.
  • JSON DAT - Added Table option to 'Output Format' parameter and a 'Table Column Headers' parameter to specify columns names.
  • Custom Operators - SOP now works correctly for multiple texture coordinates when in non-VBO mode.
  • Expressions on Toggle parameters that are put into constant mode are properly saved and loaded now.
  • Fixed a font rendering bug that could cause double characters to draw or potential crashes.
  • Fixed bug where node viewers would activate when typing 'A' in a DAT viewer.
  • DATs no longer handle character input when alt is pressed.
  • Fixed bug with text not deleting properly from comment boxes.
  • Fixed losing binds when entering blank for numeric parameters.
  • Fixed bad binding to two-character strings. Example: tdu.Dependency("ab")
  • Fixed a bug when pasting text containing line breaks into the textport.
  • Fixed a problem with creating bookmarks in secondary panes.
  • Fixed a bug with DAT scrollbars extending outside of the node when zoomed out and small.
  • Dragging a group of nodes now snaps them as a single unit, so relative distances between nodes are preserved.
  • Updated Codemeter runtime to version 7.40a
  • Updated EULA
Backward Compatibility
  • BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY - Sync In CHOP / Sync Out CHOP - 'Timeout' parameter now has a units menu to select between samples, frames, seconds, or milliseconds.