Bug fixes and improvements
Release Notes 

Oct 31, 2023

New Features

  • TCP/IP DAT / UDP In DAT / UDP Out DAT - Added 'Message Output' parameter that allows for selection between outputting the full message or just the size. This also has the added performance benefit of removing the conversion from bytes to a DAT-safe message. This parameter does not affect the value of the onReceive callback's byte arg.


Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • TouchEngine / Engine COMP - Fixed issue which caused the default for custom menu parameters to be ignored in recent builds.
    • Fixed issue which prevented TouchEngine launching for some users with reduced permissions.
  • Engine COMP - Fixed an error when an expired paid license was present while running in Non-Commercial mode.
  • Camera COMP - Fixed Fog Maps not working in some cases and fixed issue with Fog Maps in COMP viewers not being displayed correctly.
  • Light COMP - Fixed aspect ratio not being applied to projection maps when using the 'View' parameter based projection.


  • Audio Binaural CHOP - Fixed Custom Setup input format.
  • Audio Render CHOP - Fixed Custom Setup output.
  • DMX Out CHOP - Fixed malformed packet in Packet Per Sample mode; incorrect property value count size.
  • Face Track CHOP - Static input images are now reprocessed when parameters change.
  • SOP to CHOP - Fixed crash when Custom attribute scope is used while Point Index or Normal Position XYZ are enabled.
  • ZED CHOP - Fixed an issue with incorrect channel mapping when using skeletal tracking.


  • Art-Net DAT - Removed 'Local Port' parameter because it is redundant and can conflict with receiving socket.
  • MQTT Client DAT - Fixed a hang that could sometimes occur.


  • DAT to SOP - Let the user create multiple sets of standard attributes such as UV, Tangents etc.



  • macOS - Fixed an issue where zooming far out in the network editor would cause TouchDesigner's frame rate to drop.
  • macOS - Fixed issue which could cause a hang or crash when quitting TouchDesigner on macOS.
  • macOS - Fixed "NewApplication" instead of "TouchDesigner" in macOS 14 Sonoma menu bar.
  • macOS - Fixed an issue which could prevent some features, such as undo, from working on macOS systems with multiple user accounts.
  • macOS - Fix so any TEMP environment variable is used on macOS, matching behaviour on Windows
  • Fixed a possible hang when loading external .tox files with Replicator COMP and/or cloning.
  • Fixed an issue where pulse parameters would not fire from certain callbacks like TCP/IP DAT callbacks.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for zooming the work area in the Animation Editor. The shortcuts are the same as can be used for the Network Editor zoom, ctrl+/- on Windows and cmd+/- on macOS.