First release of TDBitwig, Nvidia Maxine SDK OPs updated with models for 40-series Geforce and Professional A-series Ada generation GPUs, ZED SDK update adding body-tracking and neural depth camera mode, bug fixes and improvements.
Release Notes 

Sept 29, 2023

New Features

  • TDBitwig - TDBitwig is a set of TouchDesigner components that allow for communication between Bitwig Studio and TouchDesigner. For more information read our announcement here.
  • TouchEngine and Engine COMP - Added support for clamp min/max and range min/max settings on custom parameters.
  • ZED - Major overhaul including an SDK update and the addition of body tracking support in the ZED CHOP and a 'Neural' depth camera mode in the ZED TOP.
  • Nvidia 40-series GPUs
    • The machine learning models for Nvidia operators using Maxine SDKs have been updated to include models for the 40-series Geforce and Professional A-series Ada generation GPUs.

New Python

  • TOP Class - save(), Fixed 'quality' keyword being ignored when 'asynchronous' is True.
  • TOP Class - cudaMemory() now supports a 'stream' keyword argument. Use this to make use of a cudaStream_t/CUstream stream to do the work on.
  • scriptTOP Class - copyCUDAMemory() now supports a 'stream' keyword argument. Use this to make use of a cudaStream_t/CUstream stream to do the work on.

New Palette

  • Palette:treeLister - Fixed bug in FromPathsSelectRows where row 0 is ignored. Fixed bug with wirepath mode.
  • TDSynchro - v 1.0.3 - Cache Component was not working due to an expression mode that was not active.
  • Widgets - Improvements v 2.1.62
    • v 2.1.62 - Brought back FolderTabs for Icons and Legacy mode that has old layout options.
    • v 2.1.62 - Called MasterFolderTabsLegacy, MasterFolderTabsWIcons.
    • v 2.1.62 - Adjusted rollover setting to make it more visible. Be on the lookout for changes in rollover color behavior.
    • v 2.1.62 - FileBrowser fix for macOS that makes all files visible the default.
    • v 2.1.62 - More click through support clean up.
    • v 2.1.58 - Fix to the default toggle click through parameter setting and fixed default for the icon menu font which needs to be 'Material Icons'.
    • v 2.1.55 - Minor fix to FileBrowser defaults and brought back the icon, tabs, and textArea widgets.
    • v 2.1.53 - Click through feature of top level widget COMP now passes down to sub components which means active click through toggle will pass clicks through the widget. Warning: this will make the widget appear that it has stopped working. Fixed some bugs with the checkbox widget. Removed spacer, list and fieldTextEditor widget. Use a generic component instead of spacer, and masterLister and masterTextEditor is place of the other two.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Nvidia Graphics Driver version 520.06 is now required for CUDA support.
  • Updated Nvidia Video Effects to 0.7.2
  • Updated Nvidia AR SDK (Face Track) to 0.8.2
  • Upgraded to ZED SDK 4.0.5


  • FBX COMP / USD COMP - Layout non-wired inputs in a grid at import.
  • Geometry COMP - Fixed Active instance control not working with Rotation also applied in some cases.
  • Text COMP - Fixed a bug with the python eval context when using f-string formatting and fixed a crash when editing text in the viewer and the value parameter bind is broken.
  • USD COMP - Fixed a crash that could occur when importing geometry.
  • Window COMP - Improved some high-latency display issues that can occur in some cases.


  • Composite TOP - Fixed 32-bit float values getting slightly changed when compositing 16+ textures.
  • Fixed slight changes to 32-bit float values when saving out .exr files.
  • GLSL TOP - Improvements
    • Fixed Specialization Constants not updating properly for Compute Shaders.
    • Fixed issue with multiple atomic counters not working correctly in some cases.
    • Fixed crash if the Compute Shader DAT is deleted.
  • Layout TOP - Fixed reported GPU Memory Usage.
  • Luma Blur TOP - Fixed vertical direction not respecting the extend mode.
  • Movie File In TOP - Single frame .gif files now load correctly and fixed a crash when loading an empty .FITS file.
  • Movie File Out TOP - NotchLC - Fixed bug in NotchLC encoder that caused files to end up larger than expected and fixed encoding artifacts if the input texture has values outside of 0-1.
  • Point Transform TOP - Fixed crash when using 'Align to Reference' with an invalid reference operator.
  • Render TOP - Fixed hang when using 'Image Output'.


  • Audio Device Out CHOP - Fixed 'Error if missing' toggle behavior being reversed.
  • CPlusPlus CHOP - Fixed deltaFrame/deltaMS being 0 in non-timesliced mode.
  • DMX In CHOP - Fixed receiving of multiple channels in sACN Packet Per Channel mode on macOS.
  • Timer CHOP - Fixed 'Done' pulse getting stuck on when rewiring inputs.


  • Script SOP - Fixed crash that can occur in some cases.


  • GLSL MAT - Fixed the shader not working when geometry shaders are used along with instancing rotations.


  • JSON DAT - Fixed incorrect conversion of single quotes to double quotes when using the table output format and fixed crash in Convert To Table mode.
  • OP Find DAT - 'Include Wired' now includes all wired children, not just one, as well 'Include Utility Off' no longer includes children of utility nodes.
  • Web Client DAT - Fixed bug where Request Table status_code, status_message, and header cells would sometimes be blank when rows exceeded clamped value.


  • Privacy - Fixed entire project not loading if dongle decryption fails.
  • Fixed missing connections when re-initializing nested external components (.tox files).
  • Fixed missing inputs inside clones when master external components reloaded (.tox files).
  • Fixed and issue with incomplete panel layouts when parents employed children scaling.
  • Optimization for timeslice CHOPs when the number of channels changes. Previously it was causing memory leak and growing cook times.
  • Fixed an issue with the center of output/input connectors not accepting clicks.