Bug fixes and improvements
Release Notes 

Mar 27, 2023

New Python

Licenses Class - New members .isPro and .isNonCommercial to quickly determine license capabilities.

New Palette

  • TDAbleton - Fixed bug where moving a cuepoint will disconnect it from name change updates.
  • Palette:pointGenerator - Updated shape and volume functions with better random distribution and additional shapes.
  • Palette:projectorBlend - Defaults of 'Gamma' parameter changed to a usable value.
  • Palette:webRTCPanel - v1.0.2 - Updating internal Logger COMP of webRTCPanel COMP and webRTCPanelRcv COMP.
  • Palette:webRTC - v1.0.5 - Updating internal Logger COMP of WebRTC COMP, signalingClient and signalingServer.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • List COMP - Fixed callbacks intermittently not working.
  • GLSL TOP - Added support for GL_NV_compute_shader_derivatives extension.
  • Render TOP crashes and bugs fixed.
    • Fixed crash when 'Depth Only' is enabled.
    • Fixed hang when more than 16 cameras are used at once.
    • Is now only cleared once at the start of the render. It may have been cleared multiple times with multi-camera rendering previously.
  • Render Pass TOP - Now has its own allocated texture for Image Output.
  • Screen Grab TOP - macOS overhaul
    • Enabled 'Full Desktop' mode.
    • Fixed occasional crash when parameters or display layout changed.
    • Capture to (Extended) sRGB so output matches input on non-SRGB displays.
    • Fixed behavior of Active, Active Pulse, Source, Left, Right, Bottom, Top, and Limit FPS parameters
    • Correctly size screengrab output for TOP limits.
  • OpenVR / OpenVR CHOP - Fixed projection matrices when using the Vive Pro 2.
  • Pangolin CHOP - Fixed sample rate not updating with the rate set in the timeline.
  • Timer CHOP - Fixed crash when called from a script before initial cook.
  • On macOS fixed hang that can occur when zooming out of networks when the Line MAT is being used.
  • On macOS fixed ctrl+left-click option as a right-click (when set in Preferences).
  • Fixed floating network editor windows sometimes being always on top.
  • Fixed crash when working with 3 component data and CUDA.
  • Backup copies of external .tox files will now always be saved into CrashAutoSave.*.toe files when a crash occurs, even if the 'Save Backup of External' parameter is off in the component.
  • Fixed grey rectangle background artifacts sometimes displayed in Panel panes.