Hotfix for 2022.32050 cooking bug, bug fixes and improvements
Release Notes 
This release is a hotfix for 2022.32050 which had an issue with evaluating paths in expressions.

Feb 09, 2023

New Features

  • Geo Text COMP - Added 'Sort by Depth' parameter to draw the text sorted by depth from the camera when using Specification DAT/CHOP.
  • Screen Grab TOP - Added 'Limit FPS' parameter will limit capturing of the screen to a certain FPS.
  • MQTT Client DAT - Added 'Verify Certificate' parameter which enables TLS (transport layer security) certificate verification against the server.

New Palette

  • Palette:searchReplace - searchReplace result reporting improvements. Added a toggle to include "hidden" parameters which defaults to off.
  • Palette:popMenu - Fixed issue displaying wrong selected value in DAT output.
  • Palette:materialDesignIcons - Align modes default to Bounding Box for better alignment of icon.
  • Palette:multiTouch - v6.0.1 - Removed a missing export on the opacity parameter which caused an unnecessary warning.
  • Palette:sopRender - v13.1.3 - Small internal cleanup of some unused OPs laying around.
  • Palette:quadReproject - v0.1.5 - Added a Reset pulse parameter that internally re-triggers replication of quad configs after resetting to a clean state.
  • TDAbleton - Bug fixes and improvements
    • Fixed issue with clip trigger quantization being reset.
    • Changed clip trigger quantization menu to be string based.
    • Eliminated error when changing scene names.
    • Ableton COMPs inside package component now have 'Connect' par off by default.
  • Widgets - AutoUI - removed Verticalaspect parameter reference.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • NDI - Upgraded to NDI 5.5.2.
  • Engine COMP / TouchEngine - Bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue with time sliced CHOP samples getting lost after a discontinuity in independent clock mode.
    • Fixed an issue which could leave the Engine COMP with no error and no output if TouchEngine crashed.
    • Fixed an issue which could cause lost CHOP or DAT output when running in independent mode.
  • Actor COMP / Nvidia Flex Solver COMP - Static shapes optimized when updating collision shapes and transforms.
  • FBX COMP - Added texture asset's external file path to Info DAT table to assist with debugging failed texture imports.
  • Geometry COMP / TDRotateToVector() - Fixed issues when scales were applied when rotating to vector.
  • Composite TOP - Improve performance when many inputs are used.
  • GLSL TOP - Fixed texture reallocation that occurs with extra color buffers if they are used for mipmapped rendering elsewhere.
  • Movie File In TOP - Fixed crash when very large .png images (and other types) were opened.
  • Screen Grab TOP - Fixed delayed mode not working well with GPUs using fallback capture.
  • Screen Grab TOP - Fixed a potential crash on macOS if permission wasn't granted for TouchDesigner to use Screen Recording.
  • Web Render TOP - Fixed crash that can occur when restarting the web rendering process.
  • Delay CHOP - Fixed issue occuring when delay is exactly equal to maximum delay.
  • Mouse In CHOP - Fixed bug which caused no values to be generated on some macOS systems.
  • Timer CHOP - Fixed to alertSegment, alertDone callback arguments when cycling, or max cycles not used.
  • Timer CHOP - Fixed recursion error when onExitCallback used goTo().
  • TOP to CHOP - Fixed a bug when creating a single channel set when there were no valid pixels in the first row of the image.
  • Monitors DAT - Added 'gpu_name' column.
  • MQTT Client DAT - Improvements
    • Fixed connections to secure brokers ie. SSL
    • Automatically attempt to reconnect if connection to broker is lost or fails.
    • Trigger onConnect callback on client reconnect.
  • Multi Touch In DAT - Fixed a crash that could occur if clearing the table while touch events were still being registered.
  • Table DAT - Table DATs now default to using 'tsv' extension when saving or editing contents rather than using the Content Language.
  • Web Client DAT - Fixed DAT viewer crash when outputting bytes type data.
  • Web Client DAT - Fixed a case where redirect headers (eg. 302) were sometimes combined with their subsequent response headers.
  • WebSocket DAT - Possible fix for issues with establishing WebSocket connections outside the LAN.
  • Alembic SOP - Upgraded to Alembic 1.8.4, removed support and dependency for legacy HDF5 compression format.
  • Texture SOP - Camera aspect now works with floating point values.
  • Binding - cells/pars/channels to Parameter Menus now use tokens or integers as appropriate.
  • Syntax colors in DATs have been updated to match their earlier values before the switch from sRGB to linear color directives.
  • Reset button values to default when changing button type menu.
  • Fixed node name dependency so it does not depend on parameters.
  • Fixed crashes that can occur when switching panel views quickly.
  • Fixed crash that can occur when picking wireframe geometry in the Geometry Viewer.
  • Fixed a crash opening very large windows.
  • Fixed an issue showing * for a modified toe file on macOS after exiting Perform Mode.
  • Fixed spurious errors when using Page.appendPar()
  • Fixed a crash when entering invalid characters into the customize component window.
  • Fixed % operator not being an Optimized Expression in some cases (CHOP source particularly).
  • Hotfix for 2022.32120 which had an issue with evaluating paths in expressions.