TDAbleton 2.0 release, new Disguise RenderStream support, new Optical Flow TOP, NDI 5.5, macOS stability, bug fixes and improvements.
Release Notes 

Aug 29, 2022

New Features

  • TDAbleton - Version 2.0 - Read the TDAbleton 2.0 announcement and see the 'New Palette' section below.
  • RenderStream - Added support for Disguise RenderStream. Requires Disguise version r22 or later.
    • RenderStream In CHOP - This node is the primary operator to control and configure a connection with RenderStream. Along with being the sync-point for when a frame starts rendering, it also brings in all of the control channels, and also takes a DAT with schema information to create controllable parameters within Disguise.
    • RenderStream In TOP - Receives image data sent over RenderStream.
    • RenderStream Out TOP - Sends image data out to RenderStream.
  • Optical Flow TOP - A new TOP which calculates optical flow in its input. The motion detected in x-direction is output in the red (R) channel, while the motion in y-direction is output in the green (G) channel. This operator only works with Nvidia GPUs.
  • Text COMP / Geo Text COMP - New 'Vertical Align' option called 'Baseline' sets the baseline of the text to the bottom of the page. This will result in descenders dropping below the page.

New Palette

  • TDAbleton - Version 2.0 - Read the TDAbleton 2.0 announcement!
    • Inside the TDAbleton folder in the palette you will fine a new subfolder called "Live 11". This contains TDAbleton 2.0 and only works with Ableton Live 11+. To use TDAbleton with older versions of Live, please use the TDAbleton found inside the "Live 9 & 10" subfolder.
    • In the TouchDesigner Samples folder TDAbleton samples are now divided into Live 11 and Live 9 & 10 subfolders for use with their respective versions.
    • The abletonTrack component now includes features for working with clips in the Arrangement.
      • Info about those clips can be found in the standard CHOP channels (look for "aclip"), in the "clip status" DAT output, and in the new "arrangement clips" DAT output.
    • abletonSong component
      • Now has global clip launch quantization features.
      • Can handle cue points with the same name.
      • currentCuePointName output now also contains the current cue point index.
    • abletonRack components
      • Now work with up to 16 macros.
      • New parameters for triggering rack presets.
    • abletonValueListener component
      • Now allows LOM expression additions when following selection.
      • Has an Output String Value parameter to prevent overcooking when the string is not needed.
    • tdAbleton master component has more parameter options for suppressing popup dialogs.
    • The Ableton Console has a number of UX bug fixes.
  • Palette:cameraViewport - Bug fixes
    • Dolly speed is now properly updated while dragging the middle mouse button.
    • Fixed an issue with the transform not being saved properly.
    • Fixed an issue with the navigation menu incorrectly opening after a right-click movement.
    • Orthographic mode is now off by default.
  • palette:particlesGpu - various additions and bug fixes
    • Added input for a source color. With this particles created from a source geometry can be specified via a texture of the same dimensions.
    • Optical flow input added.
    • New 'Fade Out' hit behavior.
    • Camera now saves last position.
    • Component starts with leaf setup.
    • Continuous rotation reworked.
    • Bounding box display updates correctly when changing size.
    • Particle sizing reworked.
  • Palette:quadReproject - Geometry parameter is now using evalOPs() to cover multi Geometry COMP cases.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • NDI - Upgraded to NDI 5.5.
  • Upgraded to latest MoltenVK version which fixes numerous macOS bugs.
  • macOS - Fixed a lot of crashes/hangs that were happening due to a bug in MoltenVK.
  • macOS - Noise TOP - Fixed RGB Simplex noise not working on macOS.
  • macOS - Screen Grab TOP - Works on macOS again.
  • Ableton Link CHOP - Upgraded to v3.0.5
  • Bluefish444 - Upgraded to SDK version This should add support for the new Optikos 3G cards.
  • Engine COMP - Fixed String and Pulse parameters not updating properly.
  • Text COMP / Field COMP - setKeyboardFocus() now also sets the focusselect panel value when called.
  • Text COMP - Fixed bug where Alt-tabbing back to TouchDesigner didn't properly restore the editing state.
  • Text COMP - Fixed an issue with the text not rendering after changing the 'Type' parameter.
  • Cube Map TOP - Fixed a case where the Cube Map TOP would create corrupted images on AMD.
  • Feedback TOP - Now works with Cube Map textures and fixed some crashes.
  • OP Viewer TOP - Fixed issue with not updating when nodes are moved around.
  • RGB Key TOP - Fixed clamping issue with Green and Blue Min/Max parameters.
  • BlackTrax CHOP - On reset also clear any beacon tracking data for those that are no longer tracked.
  • DMX In CHOP - sACN multicast mode now takes into account the local address parameter for IGMP packets.
  • Expression CHOP - Fixed loading of old files with multiple expressions.
  • MIDI In CHOP - Fixed Simplified MIDI failing to update unless 'Preserve Pulses' was on.
  • PosiStageNet CHOP - Added 'Local Address' parameter.
  • Trigger CHOP - Enabled 'Re-Trigger Delay' parameter when no input is connected.
  • Subdivide SOP - Fixed cases where the generated attributes would randomly become invalid data.
  • MIDI In DAT - Allow re-activation when the 'Active' parameter is an expression. (Example: MIDI Device Mapper 'In Messages')
  • Table DAT - Fixed a bug where some window UI would not work after hitting TAB to navigate table cells.
  • WebSocket DAT - Fixed crash when deleting operator as connection is established.
  • Phong MAT - Fixed color and center for the second Rim Light not working correctly.
  • Add a warning on nodes when parameters are expecting exports but they are missing.
  • Fixed cases where pulse expressions/binds refer directly to other pulse parameters. Allow them to all be called together on the same frame.
  • Fixed missing pulses when pulse parameters pulsed every frame.
  • Fixed a bug with Annotate COMP not receiving keyboard focus when created in a floating window.
  • Fixed parameter dialogs ever growing during resize if .showCustomOnly = True
  • Fixed parameter page selector showing wrong parameters in the case of Custom C++ operators.
  • Fixed a bug with popup windows closing immediately in perform mode.
  • Value ladder numbers should no longer switch to repeating decimals when making small increment adjustments.
  • Better error message when GPU memory runs out.
  • toeexpand option to output build information directly.
!toeexpand -b untitled.toe
version 099
build 2021.12940
time Wed Apr 28 15:14:10 2021
osname Windows
osversion 10