New Audio Binaural CHOP, WebRTC stereo audio, bug fixes and improvements.
Release Notes 

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We recommend updating your graphics drivers before using TouchDesigner 2022
Jun 15, 2022

New Features

New Python

  • App Class.experimental (True/False) flag exposed.
  • DAT Class.scroll - Scroll by row/col works again for text DATs.
  • geotextCOMP Class - Class is now derived from geometryCOMP Class.
  • geometryCOMP Class.computeBounds - Updated to include boundaries of nested Geo Text COMPs.
  • Movie File In TOP.isOpen - Now dependable / can be used in parameter expressions.
  • WebrtcDAT Class.setLocalDescription - Added stereo keyword which specifies whether the local peer can receive stereo audio (default=False).
  • Fixed expressions involving OP to work the same in scripts as optimized expressions. For example: op('geo1') + '_123' or op('geo1') * 3


New Palette

  • Widgets - Fixed default path loss. Also BasicWidgets component now has display flag off.


Bug Fixes and Improvements


  • Actor COMP - Fixed diagonal drifting of particles while using velocity feedback in Flex.
  • Engine COMP - Fixed issue which could cause outputs not to update sometimes if they cooked only in the first frame.
  • Engine COMP - Fixed delayed memory release if a DAT output was removed.
  • Geometry COMP - Instance Texturing now works on macOS (although with much fewer textures possible than on Windows).
  • Geo Text COMP - Fixed horizontal alignment when using appended lines in the 'Specification DAT'.
  • Geo Text COMP - Local transforms using the 'Specification CHOP' or 'Specification DAT' now pivot around the center of the text rather than the bottom left.
  • Light COMP - Fixed crashes that can occur when disabling cook flag on Light COMPs or the TOPs they reference.
  • Text COMP - Increased the height of the cursor and selection highlight.
  • Movie File In TOP - Handle loading .bmp files that have negative height in their header.
  • Notch TOP - Fixed reported block_render_time not updating unless MMB info is active.
  • Render TOP - Fixed hang that can occur when doing Depth Peeling.
  • Render Select TOP - Fixed 'Image Output' not returning the correct texture.
  • Syphon Spout In TOP - Fixed texture not working when used in a MAT that has mipmapping on.
  • Video Device In TOP - Fixed deinterlace feature not working.
  • Video Device In TOP - Fixed crashes that can occur with some camera inputs, virtual cameras in particular.
  • Video Device In TOP - Fixed some hangs that can occur when using Media Foundation library.
  • Video Device In TOP - Fixed some errors when converting YUV To RGB that were introduced in the 2022.20000 series.
  • Video Device In TOP - Improved playback smoothness when input framerate is higher than the TouchDesigner framerate.
  • Video Device Out TOP - Fixed large cook times when using pinned memory with Blackmagic devices.
  • Vioso TOP - Fixed issue with loading warp texture.
  • Blend CHOP - Fixed undercooking when using Quaternions.
  • Info CHOP - Scope parameter now works for other Info Types.
  • Leap Motion CHOP / Leap Motion TOP - Re-enabled on Intel Macs. Ultraleap has not made the Leap Motion SDK available for Apple Silicon so at this time we do not have a timeline for Leap Motion on macOS Apple Silicon builds.
  • Script CHOP - Callback DAT now defaults to Python syntax highlighting.
  • Timer CHOP - general improvements.
    • 'External Start Offset' / 'External Init Offset' parameters to control how the external CHOP channel input is applied for timing.
    • Limit onInitialize callbacks to one per frame, not one per timeslice sample.
    • Fixed crash when tied to timeline and changing column output values.
    • Segment objects now compare against non-numbers properly. For Example: if (segment != None) ...
  • Text DAT - Fixed a crash when hitting Ctrl+Delete or Ctrl+Backspace to delete the node while editing.
  • UDP In DAT - Fixed memory leak when using onReceive callback.
  • WebRTC DAT - Enable on Apple Silicon (arm64 builds).
  • WebSocket DAT - Fixed 'Bytes' column, receiving of fragmented messages, and the triggering of onConnect/onDisconnect callbacks when pulsing 'Reset' parameter.
  • Web Server DAT/WebSocket DAT - Fixed a crash when sending a frame at the same time as the connection is reset on the remote end.
  • Text SOP - Fixed crash in some cases when using a Font File.
  • Vertex SOP - Fixed integer custom attributes not working.
  • MAT - MAT nodes can no longer be bypassed by doing a bypass while they are group selected with another node type.
  • Constant MAT - Fixed crash when a TOP it was referencing is bypassed.
  • Performance monitor now includes unaccounted time *before* total time.
  • Exposed all installer options as command line parameters.
  • Fixed slow memory leak that can occur in some cases.
  • Fixed connecting non-components to multi-input components.
  • Fixed a bug setting the focus on popMenus.
  • Stopping the timeline in Execute DAT onStart() will now keep it stopped after launch.
  • Export Movie Dialog - Fixed file browser selection for the recorded movie's filename.
  • Fixed crash when using normalized TOP view on 3D textures.


Known Issues

macOS Apple Silicon Build Specific