Bug fixes and improvements
Release Notes 

Jan 07, 2022

New Features

  • Parameter CHOP / Parameter DAT - New 'Sort Method' parameter to list custom parameters either in Parameter Order (ie. the order in Parameter Dialog) or Creation Order (Legacy).

New Palette

  • Palette:camera - Fixed bug that caused the right-click menu to incorrectly open after some mouse movements.
  • Widgets - v.2021.10.1.48 - Fixes a wiring problem in lister widget.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Engine COMP - Fixed issue which could apply the wrong frame rate in some circumstances.
  • List COMP - Panel values scrollu and scrollv are no longer clamped to nearest integer value.
  • Layout TOP - Fixed incorrect layout on first cook and improved performance for some configurations.
  • Movie File In TOP - Fixed .tga files not opening correctly with 'High-Performance Read' enabled.
  • Notch TOP - Fixed exposed camera's projection offset x/y.
  • Nvidia Denoise TOP - Added error message for invalid input video resolutions (width must be between 80 and 1920 pixels).
  • Ramp TOP - Fixed a crash for ramps with a single entry.
  • Text TOP - Improved R-To-L reading direction right-alignment for Scalable fonts.
  • DMX Out CHOP - Fixed sending of ArtSync packets so that they use the 'Local Address' and 'Local Port' parameters.
  • Convert SOP - Fixed a bug that removed vertex attributes on all Convert SOPs if any were set to 'Particles Per Point'.
  • ZED SOP - Fixed crash when connecting an Info CHOP without a camera.
  • macOS - Corrected a mouse coordinate offset issue when a Window COMP spanned mulitple monitors with different resolutions/scaling.
  • macOS - Fixed a case where popup panels we not displayed "Always on Top" when opened in a Window COMP.
  • TouchEngine - Numerous improvements and fixes.
  • Fixed Textport language button disappearing in some cases.