Bug fixes and improvements
Release Notes 

Jul 01, 2021

New Palette

  • Palette:cppParsTemplateGen - Initial release - The CppParsTemplateGen COMP can be used to quickly generate parameters.cpp and parameters.h files and kickstart your Custom Operator projects.
  • palette:graphPlot - Update 8.4 - various tweaks and fixes.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • NDI - Upgraded to NDI 4.6.2. NDI now works on M1 Macs.
  • RealSense - Upgraded to RealSense SDK v2.44.0
  • ZED - Upgraded to ZED SDK 3.5.0. Includes hotfix to fix crashes when using multiple cameras.
  • Constraint COMP - Fixed viewer guide transforms and a bug with hinge constraint axis of rotation.
  • Engine COMP - Fixed bad TOP output when using floating point textures.
  • Engine COMP / TouchEngine - Enabled OP Viewer TOP for operators running in TouchEngine.
  • Engine COMP / TouchEngine - Fixed disconnected In TOP behavior.
  • Corner Pin TOP - Added 'Zero' extend mode.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Fixed 'Quality' parameter not being enabled for NotchLC codec.
  • Notch TOP - Added warning for unsupported pixel formats.
  • PBR MAT / Phong MAT - Another attempt to work around macOS lighting issues.
  • Helios DAC CHOP - Open the shutter of selected DAC.
  • Hokuyo CHOP - Added 'Restart' command parameter which restarts measurement from the device without having to modify parameters.
  • Hokuyo CHOP - Fixed receiving of measurement data from Hokuyo UXM-series devices.
  • Kinect Azure CHOP - Connection to the camera is fully disabled now when the Kinect Azure TOP is deactivated but the CHOP is still active.
  • Pulse CHOP - Fixed memory corruption that can occur in some cases.
  • RealSense CHOP - Added 'id' channel which can be added/removed using new 'Persistent IDs' parameter.
  • Examine DAT - Fixed missing entries when using items in storage that have matching values but different keys.
  • Animation Editor - Improved a number of interactions when picking segments and using box selection, improved display of what is selected vs unselected, and some internal improvements to reduce the change of unwanted de-selection.
  • Optimized Expressions - int**int will no longer return a float, falls back to 'Unoptimized' mode for that case.
  • PointSOP Class - Fixed inputColor and inputColor2 not working as expected.
  • Fixed issue with File Import Dialog not loading FBX and USD assets completely (required manually clicking 'Import' button previously)
  • Fixed crash when dragging from table cell that self-deletes on drop.
  • Fixed a problem selecting tabs on custom operators.
  • Fixed a crash bug when an error occurred trying to save SOP geometry to an FBX file with python.

Known Issues

  • KNOWN ISSUE - GLSL MAT - Shaders exported using the newer TDPBRResult / TDPhongResult workflow may not work on some macOS GPUs.