TouchEngine API release, new Nvidia Background TOP and Nvidia Denoise TOP using Nvidia's AI SDK, sceneChanger added to the Palette, bug fixes and improvements.
Release Notes 
May 12, 2021
New Features
New Python
  • OP Class - Member .OPType renamed to .opType (backward compatible).
  • Par Class - .evalNorm() and .normVal now using .bindRange setting in all cases.
  • List COMP.dragRow .dragCol - Returns currently dragged cell.
  • Channel Class.copyNumpyArray(arr) - Copies a single dimension float32 NumPy array to an existing CHOP channel's sample values.
  • scriptCHOP Class.copyNumpyArray(arr, baseName='chan') - Copies a two dimensional float32 NumPy array to the Script CHOP's output channels. Shape must be (numChans, numSamples). Compatible with the array returned from CHOP.numpArray() for example.
New Palette
  • Palette:sceneChanger - A component that manages smooth changing of scenes and optimized cooking for a scene-based show.
  • Palette:initializeStart - A component that provides standardized initialize and start triggers for general use in projects.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Animation COMP - 'Channels DAT' now available as a parameter.
  • Environment Light COMP / PBR MAT - Fixed recent bug where environment lights would not work if there are more environment lights than regular lights in a scene.
  • List COMP - Fixed growing list of dragItems when re-entering list area.
  • Table COMP - Now Children page parameters on any parent properly apply Fit and Scale parameters to a Table COMP.
  • Line MAT - Fixed 'Start Caps Pullback' so it pulls back all line segments, not just the start segment.
  • Phong MAT / PBR MAT - Fixed compile error when using 3D textures or 2D texture arrays.
  • GLSL TOP - Fixed crash that can occur on newest AMD drivers on consumer cards when using GLSL TOP and GLSL MAT.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Fixed a crash when the header table has less than 2 columns.
  • Notch TOP - Fixed adding/removing of parameters (ie. exposed properties) when live editing.
  • RealSense TOP - Fixed some initialization issues occurring on D455 and L515 cameras when the Color stream isn't started first.
  • Video Device Out TOP - Fixed an issue where incorrect timecodes were sent for signal formats greater than 30 FPS.
  • Web Render TOP - Fixed handling of Unicode characters when loading contents from a DAT.
  • Text TOP / Text DAT - Fixed some font rendering issues when using <tab> with scalable fonts.
  • Text SOP - Added 'Smart Quote' parameter. Converts quotes, ellipsis, and dashes to more typographically nice unicode versions.
  • Ableton Link CHOP - Updated to Ableton Link v3.0.3 and fixed a crash occurring on macOS.
  • Expression CHOP - Fixed loading of older files which had only 1 expression specified.
  • Face Track CHOP - Fixed 126 point landmark mode when not using mesh fitting features. Added an error message when mesh fitting and 126 point mode are both enabled.
  • Face Track CHOP / Face Track SOP - Updated to version 0.7.5 of the Nvidia AR SDK.
  • Joystick CHOP - Fixed a bug that changed the range of values in the most recent build.
  • MIDI Out CHOP - Avoid sending spurious automatic events in some cases.
  • MIDI Out CHOP - Added 'events_sent' to Info CHOP for diagnostic purposes.
  • Script CHOP - Fixed crash when using ScriptCHOP.copyNumpyArray on zero-sized numpy array.
  • Touch Out CHOP - Added toggle to disable constantly re-sending channel names for UDP based connections.
  • Touch In CHOP - Reworked queuing a bit to improve behaviors.
  • FOlder DAT - Fix pattern parsing crash and add error to Folder DAT if parsing issue found. Fixes issue of setting Folder DAT's 'Extensions' parameter to a list.
  • Touch In DAT - Fixed Unicode data not being received correctly for text based data.
  • Web Server DAT - Fixed crash when connecting to secure servers on macOS.
  • Web Server DAT - Fixed issue with WebSocket connections not working on a secure sever.
  • Fixed DATs not getting updates to viewers or syncing to file when values are changed via binding.
  • Various optimizations to improve DAT and Textport cook times.
  • Fixed new crash that can occur if a Python module is imported in a Python thread.
  • Fixed some bugs related to the undo stack.
  • Fixed Parameter Dialog scroll wheel step size not working correctly.
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