Face Track CHOP / SOP using Nvidia's AR SDK, Kinect Azure and ZED SDK updates, 10-bit support for Datapath cards, bug fixes and improvements.
Release Notes 
Apr 08, 2021
New Features
  • Face Track CHOP - Provides high performance face tracking through Nvidia's Face Tracking AR SDK. Requires Windows and Nvidia RTX GPU.
  • Face Track SOP - New SOP generates a face mesh from the Face Track CHOP above.
  • Kinect Azure TOP / Kinect Azure CHOP - Updated to version 1.1.0 of the Kinect Azure Body Tracking library. Adds support for Nvidia RTX 30xx, AMD and Intel GPUs.
  • Video Device In TOP - Added support for 10-bit capture for DataPath devices.
  • ZED - Upgrade to ZED SDK 3.4.1, should now work with 3000 (ampere) series Nvidia cards.
  • New resizable parameter page tabs allows for a smaller minimum parameter dialog size, see Geometry COMP or Actor COMP as an example. More importantly this provides needed support for Custom Parameter pages and page names of any size, which was often an issue in the Notch TOP using Notch blocks with many layers.
New Python
  • Renamed page switcher from n.par.stdswitcher to n.par.pageindex. This can be used to set the current page of any operator.
  • Drag-and-Drop - Abort drag process (cursor changes, further callbacks etc) if onDragStartGetItems() returns empty list.
  • app.paletteFolder - reports the installation folder containing palette files.
  • DAT Class.editable - True if the DAT contents can be edited (Text DATs, Table DATs, locked DATs etc).
  • par.lastScriptChange - New debugging feature that returns the location of the script which last update this parameter's value. Note: this has a performance impact and therefore must be turned on in the Preferences Dialog ie. Edit > Preferences...
  • Par Class - Fixed .enable and .enableExpr propagation to clones.
  • Matrix Class - New numpyArray() method to return a 4x4 numpyArray from the matrix.
  • tdu.PathInfo renamed to tdu.FileInfo (note: previous still works as an alias).
New Palette
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • TouchEngine / Engine COMP - Fixed some crashes that could occur is a texture was not initialized.
  • TouchEngine / Engine COMP - Fixed a number of issues dealing with menu parameters and empty menus.
  • TouchEngine / Engine COMP - Improved behavior when renaming parameters/pages/inputs, also fixing some issues with these when reloading the Engine COMP.
  • Engine COMP - Added support for read-only and disabled parameters.
  • Geometry COMP - Fixed files from 2020.20000 loading up with incorrect 'Instance Look At Direction'.
  • Geometry COMP - Fixed incorrect transform order with instanced 'Tex Coord Transform Order' parameter.
  • GLSL TOP - Fixed a crash that can occur when using multiple color buffers and multiple passes with compute shaders.
  • GLSL TOP - Avoid incorrectly stepping on uProj and uWorld uniforms with internal matrices.
  • Layout TOP - Fixed 'Background Color' not being applied on the input texture.
  • Screen Grab TOP - Fixed bug when capturing a source with a vertical position below the primary display.
  • Shared Mem In TOP - Fixed crash that can occur when the input resolution changes.
  • Text TOP - Fixed incorrect alpha on edge pixels when using Scalable text (either using Display Method = Scalable or using Automatic when Font Size > 16).
  • Text TOP - Few improvements to Stroke rendering quality.
  • Video Stream Out TOP - Fixed hang that occurs when trying to use per-frame metadata.
  • Audio Play CHOP - Fixed issue where volume input CHOP was ignored.
  • Info CHOP - Fixed 'Type' menu being empty in some cases.
  • Limit CHOP - Fixed usage of me.chanIndex.
  • Splice CHOP - Fixed a crash that could occur with unexpected inputs.
  • Timer CHOP - Fixed onSegmentEnter being skipped when segment changes in another onSegmentEnter callback.
  • Alembic SOP - Fixed flipped faces in some Alembic files.
  • OP Find DAT - Improvement so when 'Active'=Off, clicking 'Pulse' will cook the OP Find DAT and update the results.
  • Web Server DAT - Fixed a crash that could occur on macOS.
  • macOS - Fixed dark/incorrect shading on newer macOS version and M1 mac models. This effects 3D viewers and the Phong MAT and PBR MAT.
  • MIDI Device Mapper Dialog - Fixed 'Check MIDI Devices' button which was not working.
  • Setting ui.preference value will now take place immediately, not after the script is completed.
  • Fixed 'Copy into' option when dragging tiles onto a component.
  • Added cook dependencies for gpuCookTime and cpuCookTime so they properly update when used in expressions.
  • Fixed 'Quadro' detection for Nvidia A6000 GPUs.
  • Fixed locked 2D TOPs with greater than 1280x1280 resolution not loading correctly when using non-commercial licenses.
  • Large reduction in GPU memory usage by not loading scalable fallback fonts unless they are needed.
  • Large reduction to CPU memory usage by not loading OpenCV unless it is needed.