MAT expanded blending functions, bug fixes and improvements
Release Notes 
Jan 29, 2021
New Features
  • Phong MAT - (And all other MATs) now have expanded blending functionality. There is a new 'Blend Operation' menu to select from Add, Subtract, Reverse Subtract, Minimum, and Maximum operations. In addition there is a separate operation menu just for alpha. Furthermore new options for Constant Color/Constant Alpha are found in the 'Source Color'/'Destination Color' menus which enable 'Blend Constant Color' parameters when selected.
  • Analyze TOP - Added Minimum/Maximum Value operations to return the smallest or largest value in the analyze channel. The existing Minimum and Maximum operations have been renamed Minimum/Maximum Pixel and still return all channels of the pixel with the smallest or largest value.
  • Reorder TOP - Added options to choose the maximum or average color from the input texture.
New Python
  • Camera Class.move3D - Moves the camera like the 3D mouse.
  • FlexsolverCOMP Class.actors - New member to fetch list of actors in the simulation.
  • ScriptCHOP Class.timeSliceDefault - Default time slice value equivalent to the input CHOP's isTimeSlice.
  • CHOP Class.isTimeSlice - allow to be set in scriptCHOP case.
  • Drag-and-Drop callbacks arguments all take an 'info' dictionary, see BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY WARNING.
New Palette
  • Palette:camera - Updated navigation modes to match changes to the built-in geometry viewer. 'Cursor' and 'Viewport' behaviours have been split into separate modes and geometry picking is enabled for all camera actions in 'Cursor' mode. Updated to version 0.13
  • Palette:camera - Added basic support for using a 3D Spacemouse to control the camera via the Joystick CHOP.
  • Palette:camera - Added basic WASD keyboard controls for the first person camera.
Bugs Fixes and Improvements
  • Actor COMP - Flex 'Feedback TOP' optimization.
  • Camera Blend COMP - Fixed 'BG' alpha not blending correctly.
  • Engine COMP - Fixed an issue which caused some loads to fail when they should succeed.
  • Engine COMP / TouchEngine - Fixed a potential crash on unload of a component with TOP Ins or Outs.
  • List COMP - Fixed crash when List COMP deletes its own script DAT during execution.
  • List COMP - Fixed left outside border being cut off / borders shifted left.
  • List COMP - Selected areas now color in inside area, not border edge.
  • List COMP - Recook and update List COMP output when scripting new selections.
  • List COMP - Cook operators that reference rolloverRow, etc outside of callback methods.
  • Nvidia Flex Solver COMP - Added 'Callbacks DAT' parameter.
  • Nvidia Flex TOP - Changed output pixel format to 32-bit float RGB instead of RGBA since velocity only has 3 components.
  • Layout TOP - Fixed resolution bug.
  • Layout TOP - Optimizations for single texture input and GPU memory usage optimizations.
  • Monochrome TOP - Fixed a shader bug on macOS.
  • Movie File In TOP - Cube Map .dds file loading is working again.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Upgraded to Nvidia Video SDK v11. Requires drivers Nvidia 456.71 and later.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Try to fix some crashes on newer 3000 series GPUs when encoding H264/H265.
  • Noise TOP - Fixed pivot not being correctly placed in the image.
  • OP Viewer TOP - Fixed missing background in blank table cells.
  • Render TOP - Fixed 'Topology Wireframe' not working with Override Material.
  • Scalable Display TOP - Upgraded to Scalable Display SDK 7.0.
  • Text TOP - Improved font family and OpenType Variable font support on Windows.
  • Text TOP - 'Automatic' font mode now uses 'Scalable' for sizes 16 and above.
  • Video Stream In TOP - Added support for http and https URLs that don't end with exactly .m3u8.
  • Video Stream Out TOP - Added control for sending silent audio when no audio output is provided. Some services such as YouTube require audio data always. Other's do not support MP3 so no audio stream should be sent.
  • Audio Device Out CHOP - Fixed a crash that could occur when device not present on macOS.
  • Kinect Azure CHOP - Fixed an error when body tracking frames were not yet available.
  • Pulse CHOP - Fixed linear and ease in/out interpolation methods.
  • Alembic SOP - Fixed a bug with 'Unload' parameter not freeing write access to Alembic file.
  • Alembic SOP / Import Select SOP - 'Direct To GPU' bug fix, deactivating/reactivating viewer would sometimes clear the imported SOP data.
  • Alembic SOP - Don't automatically triangulate when 'Direct to GPU' disabled.
  • Sprinkle SOP - Fixed crash when input has no points.
  • Keyboard In DAT - Fixed crash when deleting a referenced Panel COMP.
  • OP Find DAT - Fixed recent crash when matching parameters.
  • SocketIO DAT - Fixed 'Bytes Column' toggle.
  • Web Server DAT - Fixed bug that prevented having more than 16 WebSocket connections.
  • Optimized Expressions - Added support for n.par['tx'] (the [] part).
  • Fixed the orientation of the Top and Right cameras in all 3D geometry viewers
  • Fixed references to TDFunctions causing extra extension initializations.
  • Fixed auto scrollbars in children.
  • Fixed crash when updating 'inside' panel value which trigger cooks that cause the current UI to be deleted.
  • FIxed an issue with Cue and Cue Point not always updating.
  • Auto scrollbars turning off now layout properly first time.
  • Basic widgets fixed problems with font enumeration and Border Color fix to 2D slider.
  • TDAbleton updates
    • Ableton console now scrolls infinitely like textport abletonMIDI component
    • Added "split touching notes" feature to separate incoming MIDI notes abletonSong component
    • Added time signature controls to abletonTrack, abletonChain and abletonClipSlot components
    • Added Color and Clip Color controls, see BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY WARNING - clip data channels now include the clip number in their names.
Backward Compatibility
  • BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY WARNING- TDAbleton - Clip data channels now include the clip number in their names.
  • BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY WARNING - Drag-and-Drop - Callbacks arguments all take an 'info' dictionary.