Support for Quad-link 8K on AJA devices, RealSense TOP updates, Screen Grab TOP application window selection, bugs fixes and improvements.
Release Notes 
Note that experimental builds include new features still in development and ideas being tested, features are subject to change. For the stability and reliability required for performances and project deliveries, we recommend using the production ready Official Builds.
Check Known Issues and Backward Compatibility warnings below.
Aug 21, 2020
New Features
New Python
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • AJA - Upgrade to AJA SDK
  • RealSense TOP - On macOS D-series and other new cameras are now enabled. Stability varies on different systems, please give feedback in the forum.
  • RealSense TOP - Fixes and improvements
    • Fixed Point Cloud UV map being upside down.
    • Multi-thread frame processing for better performance.
    • Add last_processing_time for Info CHOP.
    • Filters are now more controllable per-image type.
    • Better behavior when using the filters.
  • Screen Grab TOP - Application windows can now be selected from the Sources menu (Windows OS only). Windows are cropped from the full desktop capture, so they must be unobstructed and not minimized.
  • Text TOP - Fixed 0 alpha when using Scalable rendering.
  • Video Stream In TOP - Fixed memory leak that was occuring.
  • Web Render TOP - Updated to cef 84.0.4147.105, fixes Youtube streams not updating if cursor is not over them and moving.
  • wrnchAI CHOP - Fixed crash when deleting this node with non-Pro licenses.
  • CPlusPlus SOP - Added volume/intersect functions.
  • Group SOP - 'Bounding Object' calculation time halved in typical cases, possibly more when using meshes.
  • Bullet Solver COMP - Added impact flag to collisions structure of onCollision callback.
  • Optimized Python Expressions - Added support for Par.evalNorm()
  • JSON DAT - Added 'Hold Last Non-Empty Results' parameter.
  • Parameter DAT - Don't recook when source parameter changes but just interested in path.
  • Text DAT - Fixed pause that occurs when you first put down a Text DAT.
  • Export Movie Dialog now has options for 'Audio Codec' and 'Audio Bitrate'.
  • Fixed the long-cooking after you open OP Snippets once.
  • Fixed enableExpr not refreshing on certain dependencies.
Known Issues
  • Font Size on Windows and Font Type on macOS are not the standard defaults in DAT viewers, Textport, parameter dialogs and other parts of the UI. Using stand-ins for now while waiting for a 3rd party library fix.
  • USD COMP not working.
  • ZED camera operators disabled, awaiting updates to CUDA.