ZED 2 Camera support, certificate password support for the Web Server DAT, bugs fixes and improvements.
Release Notes 
Nov 04, 2020
New Features
  • ZED - Added support for ZED 2 Cameras, upgrade to SDK 3.2.2.
  • Web Server DAT - Added 'Certificate Password' parameter to fix usage of password-protected certificates in secure servers.
  • Web Server DAT - Added Info DAT reporting to fetch any start-up errors.
  • Perform CHOP - Added 'CPU Frame Time' which is the frame time minus time spent swapping buffers.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • MIDI Device Mapper Dialog - Fixed case where device names would be malformed on systems where OS language was set to a unicode language such as Japanese.
  • Custom Operators - Fixed crash that can occur if getInfoDATEntries() doesn't fill in some entries.
  • Actor COMP - Bug fixes and improvements
    • Fixed updating of transform while simulation is running after changing scale/pivot parameters.
    • Fixed changing of Xform page parameters for instanced static shapes while simulation is running.
  • Engine COMP - Fixed bug which caused string DAT inputs to be ignored.
  • Engine COMP - Fixed crash which could occur when a DAT input was disconnected.
  • Geometry COMP - Fixed crash from geometry instances data copy out of bounds.
  • Cache TOP - Fixed 'Pre-Fill' pulse not working if the 'Pre-Fill' toggle was set to 'On'.
  • Splice CHOP - Fexed off-by-one bug with 'Output Trimmed Section' was On and 'Direction' was set to Last to First.
  • SocketIO DAT - Fixed onClose callback not being called when attempting to reconnect, or when 'Active' toggle disabled.
  • Web Client DAT - Fixed issue with sending subsequent requests after sending a PUT request.
  • XML DAT - Parse utf8 content properly.
  • Line MAT - Fixed crash when trying to pick geometry with a Line MAT applied to it in the geometry viewer.
  • Fixed DAT callbacks not working within private components.
  • Fixed User Shortcuts files that were not working.
  • Guide geometry is no longer included in the bounding box when homing 3D viewers.
  • Fixed issue where mod.tdu.split() doesn’t exist, but tdu.split() does.
  • Fixed a number of issues with double cooking.
  • Some improvements expression counts, active OPs, etc. used for performance monitoring.