Video Device In TOP more compatible with Blackmagic Design, improved Notch TOP, Kinect Azure intrinsics and calibration, dozens of bug fixes and improvements.
Release Notes 
Jul 23, 2020
New Features
  • Notch TOP - Added support for Exposable Array node in Notch Builder to expose arrays of transforms, either formatted as pos/rot/scale, mat4x4, or pos/quat/scale, and requiring 9, 16, and 10 channels respectively. The property comes in as a CHOP reference parameter and the format of the CHOP matches with the appropriate output of the Transform CHOP and Object CHOP outputs.
  • Video Device In TOP - Enable support for Blackmagic ATEME Mini and other Blackmagic Design devices that go through DirectShow rather than the Blackmagic SDK.
New Python
New Palette
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Custom Operators - Improvements and bug fixes.
    • Will no longer error when getInput*() is called on an input that is not connected.
    • cookOnStart boolean added to OP_CustomOPInfo. This will cause a Custom Operator to cook when the file starts, even if it's not used elsewhere. Useful for cases such as network or device output operators.
    • Fixed issue with Custom TOPs where the resolution parameters were ignored in the case where the TOP has no input and the Resolution was set to 'Use Input'. In this case it will now use the resolution parameters to set the resolution.
  • Composite TOP - Divide operation is now more mathematically correct.
  • CPlusPlus TOP - Fixed issues with the cudaArray memory if the input TOP became mipmapped after initial use.
  • Function TOP - Fixed sampling of the 2nd input often being incorrect.
  • Movie File In TOP - Fixed sequences of .tga files not working correctly.
  • Screen Grab TOP - Fixed resolution being incorrect in some cases.
  • Screen Grab TOP - Fixed a bug capturing a single frame using the fast DirectX 11 method.
  • Text TOP - Tweaked result from .textHeight member to be more accurate.
  • Video Device In TOP - Few tweaks to Media Foundation library behavior to avoid hangs.
  • Video Device In TOP - Upgrade to Allied Vision PvAPI SDK 1.28.
  • Audio NDI CHOP - Output two tracks of silence if no audio is present.
  • Pangolin CHOP - Fixed cooking problem when Pangolin CHOP not in the current network.
  • Script CHOP - Now saves/loads contents from toe file, see BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY notes below.
  • Select CHOP - Fixed recursion crash with Select CHOP selecting a Select CHOP.
  • Stype CHOP - Changed the Stype default values for pawidth and paheight to 10 instead of 0 so that the Stype TOP has a valid output by default.
  • Stype CHOP - Added a 'connected' channel and a new warning message to indicate when valid packets are being received.
  • OP Find DAT - Do callbacks regardless of whether node is used by other nodes.
  • Parameter Execute DAT - Fixed unresponsiveness after creation from opplace.
  • Text SOP - Fixed disappearing text bug.
  • Actor COMP - Fixed issues with collision shape not updating when 'Update Collision Shape' parameter is On.
  • Camera COMP - Changing display options in the viewer no longer causes parameters to be overwritten.
  • Camera COMP - Fixed crash when the last quad projection point is out of bounds.
  • Nvidia Flex Solver COMP - Fixed smoothing.
  • Light COMP - Fixed shadow maps not working when Phong MAT was outputting to extra color buffers in some cases.
  • List COMP - Now supports same set of fonts as Text TOP.
  • Binding optimization, only update bind values if parameter is in Bind mode.
  • Privacy - Allow dragging of components out of private components, if allowed by the private component.
  • Matrix Class - Fixed matrix being created with old data occasionally when built from a non-cooking OP.
  • During crashfile saving, avoid Execute DAT Pre and Post Saves.
  • Fixed soft-locking of nodes opplaced out of private components.
  • Fixed sequential parameters loading of more than 40 channels ie. Constant CHOP with more than 40 channels.
  • Fixed panel rollover/rollu/rollv updating during drags over other components.
  • Fixed erratic layout when dealing with uninitialized scroll bar areas.
  • Preserve docked nodes when reinitializing external components, changing operator types, replicantion etc.
Backward Compatibility
BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY - Script CHOP now saves/loads contents from toe file. Always clear channels at the beginning of your script if needed, otherwise it will now retain previous results.