New Windows Installer, new Blob Track CHOP, improved Video Steam In/Out, MIDI In CHOP reset channels, Nvidia Flex feedback, new Palette and Python, and over 60 other improvements and bug fixes.
Release Notes 
May 20, 2020
New Features
New Windows Installer
  • Greatly speeds up the install/uninstall procedure over the old installer.
  • Supports installation of multiple builds at the same time. Select which build to update 'over' when installing a new build.
  • Ability to add custom tag names to your builds such as TD Official or TD Experimental or Project XYZ for easy identification.
  • Lite Installer (~540MB) available if you do not need Kinect Azure support which is included in the Full Installer (~840MB), save time and space.
  • Read more about Installation options here.
Major Feature Addition
  • Video Stream In TOP - Added 'Hardware Decode' parameter which enables Nvidia's hardware decoders for incoming video streams (requires Nvidia GPU, Windows only).
  • Video Stream Out TOP - Added new parameters to control 'Keyframe Interval' and 'Audio Bit Rate'.
  • Blob Track CHOP - This new CHOP tracks blobs in 2D point data and is useful for getting the position of moving objects in the field of a scan, with optimizations for handling occlusions. Input data should be x and y channels describing the 2D points in Cartesian coordinates. This is ideal for data from the output of devices like the Hokuyo CHOP and can also be used with Ouster scanners when looking at single slices. Have a look at its OP Snippets.
  • MIDI In CHOP - New 'Reset Channels' and 'Reset Values' parameters to clear the channels in the CHOP or clear their values. Akin to the OSC In CHOP.
  • Actor COMP - Added parameters 'Position Feedback TOP' and 'Velocity Feedback TOP' to override position and velocity data in Nvidia Flex simulations.
  • Field COMP - Added a 'Allow Multi-Line' parameter (default on) to control if input fields are constrained to single line or not.
New Palette
New Python
  • COMP Class - Added VFS python methods so tscript is not required. Also added new function vfsRename().
  • COMP Class - Added vfs object.
  • VFS Class - New class for controlling a virtual file system.
  • VFSFile Class - New class representing a file in VFS.
  • Project Class - Added windowOnTop, windowStartMode, windowDraw, windowStartWidth/Height/X/Y, performOnStart, and performWindowPath members.
  • Project Class - Added applyWindowSettings() method.
  • UI Class - Added windowHeight/Width and windowX/Y members.
  • UI Class - Added findEditDAT to retrieve node from system editing filepath.
  • Par.enableExpr now handles bool expressions properly (Example: me.children, [1,2,3], etc)
  • ParCollection Class - Can now access parameters via subscript assignment operators. Example: op('base').par['MyFloat'] = 3.5 which is about 15x faster than using
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Actor COMP - Fixed usage of instancing parameters when used as a Flex Fluid Emitter.
  • Bullet Solver COMP - Fixed a memory leak.
  • Blur TOP - Fixed crash when 'Type' menu was set to a negative value.
  • Cache TOP - Fixed cases where 'Replace Index' wouldn't work on some input TOPs if attempted multiple times in the same frame.
  • Fit TOP - Fixed the 'Transform Order' parameter which wasn't working.
  • Kinect Azure TOP / Kinect Azure Select TOP - Changed the internal upload texture format for the depth and point cloud images to improve performance.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Better error messages when Nvidia Encoder fails to initialize.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Tweak for H.265 to fix failing to record on some Nvidia driver versions.
  • NDI In TOP - Fixed issue where interlaced content would jitter vertically.
  • Text TOP - On macOS when using the default 'Display Method = Automatic', use bitmap now as too many incompatibilities found with polygon fonts.
  • Video Stream In TOP - Fixed an issue which could cause the Video Stream Out TOP to stop working.
  • Video Stream Out TOP - Fixed RTMP output to YouTube not working if audio is not provided.
  • Web Render TOP - Now supports popups for shared textures & iosurfaces.
  • Web Render TOP - Fixed some crashes and now works properly with Global Resolution Multiplier.
  • Clip SOP - Fixed a bug interpolating point attributes when clipping open polygons.
  • DMX In CHOP - Start codes now default to 0.
  • MIDI Out CHOP sendControl() - Fixed normalization of values when CHOP controller format set to 14 bits.
  • MIDI Event DAT - New option '14 Bit Values' which logs 14 bit controller values.
  • Panel Execute DAT - Added oldValue parameter to onValueChange callback.
  • Serial DAT - Fixed lost/delayed messages when frames dropped.
  • Added 'pending_messages' to communication DAT's info.
  • Added 'Delete Parameter' menu option and Par.destroy() for sequential parameters (Subsequent parameter values are shifted up).
  • XML DAT - Support space after tag name ie. <name />
  • XML DAT - Don't expand/escape contents within double quotes.
    • Fixed KantanMapper loading with some parameters of shapes being lost.
    • Added ability to drag TOPs directly onto shapes without having to do it via the Texture Parameter.
  • Fixed bad parent shortcut in Palette's SymbolPicker.
  • Fixed issue when trying to decode NotchLC codec while using Video Device Out TOP's GPU Direct feature.
  • Fixed CUDA conflict that would occur when using Nvidia Flex with other CUDA enhanced features such as hardware encoding or Kinect Azure.
  • Fixed crash when GLSL TOP deleted during Replicator udpate. (Widgets)
  • Fixed disappearing/flashing cursor that sometimes occured when using middle-mouse value ladder to adjust values.
  • Fixed recently missing createFolders option in method.
  • DAT Class - Fixed incorrect data being added to the start of strings when using the .text member on a DAT that had table data.
  • moviefileinTOP Class - .isOpening member should give better results now.
  • Fixed a number of panel Scrollbar issues
    • Fixed a shift contents upwards when horizontal scrollbar enabled.
    • Better handling of 'Auto On'
    • Fixed 'Thumb Fraction' when both on.
    • Fixed behavior when using 'Ignore Parent Alignment' options.
  • Fixed an issue when Verdana font was not installed on Windows system.
  • Fixed an issue with the Customer Startup File preference not loading the specified file.
  • Fixed a crash that could occer when editing DATs.
  • Fix for black textures in OP Create Dialog caused by invalid Global Resolution Multiplier preference. Now it is set to 1x if preferences are out of range.
  • New OP Snippets for Blob Track CHOP, Movie File Out TOP, Text TOP, Web Server DAT, Window COMP
  • Substantial updates to Python help documents.
  • EULA updated