Bug fixes and improvements
Release Notes 
May 31, 2019
New Features
  • GLSL MAT / GLSL TOP - Add TDRotateX(), TDRotateY(), TDRotateZ(), TDScale() and TDTranslate() functions.
  • Component Editor - You can now drag parameter/pages from Component Editor into networks to create Parameter OPs.
  • Import Select TOP / Import Select SOP / Import Select CHOP - Added 'Import Parent' parameter that allows selecting imported assets without the node being inside an FBX/USD COMP (ie. location can be anywhere). Also added a 'Reload File' parameter to trigger a reloading of the FBX/USD asset file.
  • Timer CHOP - New fraction member. Get the current segment time index in fractional form, safe to use during Timer callbacks.
  • Line MAT- Added two multiplier parameters to control the End Cap's width and height with respect to the Start Cap.
New Palette
  • Widgets - Updated Lister Widget and new Widget Cache System.
  • Palette:moviePlayer - Improvements
    • Info page on Movie Parameters now shows file metadata - length, resolution, images-per-second.
    • Better crossfade loops.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Object Component - All Object COMPs (Geometry, Null etc.) now correctly support locking, which stores their transform through save/load an copy/paste actions.
  • Material SOP - Fixed crash that can occur when Material SOPs are deleted that are being used in a Render TOP.
  • CPlusPlus SOP - Custom attributes of Input SOP can now have different values per point (of a geometry).
  • Alembic SOP- Change Linear Interpolation to Smooth Interpolation in the 'Interpolation' parameter menu.
  • Timer CHOP - Adding parallel segments during playback causes those segments to start running in the correct state.
  • Timer CHOP - Better handling of .goTo() method inside onSegmentEnter/onSegmentExit callbacks.
  • DMX Out CHOP - Fixed sACN freeze.
  • Leap Motion CHOP / Leap Motion TOP - Renamed API menu option "Version 3" to "Version 2 Tracking" and for macOS changed the default to Version 2 Tracking and added a warning for Version 4.
  • CHOP Execute DAT - Fixed failure to execute whileOn/whileOff callbacks if source CHOP was non-timesliced or not cooking.
  • Touch In DAT / Touch Out DAT - Fixed intermittent transmission errors.
  • Phong MAT - Fixed issue when using environment map and height mapping that caused shader to compile incorrectly.
  • Line MAT - Added a drop-down menu to the "Attribute" parameter. Renamed parameter 'Arrow Head' to 'Arrow height'.
  • Palette:kantanMapper - Fixed a crash due to parameters changing after custom parameters are added.
  • Merge DAT - Fixed issue where cells would have old values at times.
  • Notch TOP - Fixed cooking dependency bug with input TOPs.
  • Added dependency for nodeX, nodeY, nodeWidth, nodeHeight so they cook properly in expressions.
  • Fixed Undo issue when changing bind reference values.
  • Fix to adaptive homing to make it more accurate for grids.
  • Added humanoid.fbx to FBX samples.
  • TouchDesigner build number in titlebar of main window.
  • Fixed a number of crashes.
BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY - USD COMP / FBX COMP relocating Play page parameters.