2019.15230 support added, bug fixes on spring official release
Release Notes 
May 15, 2019
New Features
New Palette
  • Widgets updated
    • A new OP Pages gives access to important sub components.
    • List widget has general stability improvements.
  • Palette:moviePlayer - The Movie Spec components now hold persistent movie metadata (as read-only parameters) that is normally only available if you open the movie files ie. images per second, lengths, resolution, aspect.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed crash when reloading external .tox files.
  • DMX In CHOP/ DMX Out CHOP and others - Fixed device menus being stuck on 2nd entry.
  • Movie File In TOP - Fixed a hang that can occur when certain movies loop.
  • Text TOP - Fixed alignment to bounding box not working on macOS.
  • Texture 3D TOP - Fixed a bug where memory usage was reported as negative.
  • Luma Level TOP - Better performance when parameters are changing and better color precision for operations, even at 8-bit.
  • ZED TOP - Upgraded to SDK version 2.7.1. This should fix some issues with ZED cameras that were occuring.
  • Parameter DAT - Added bind column.
  • Parameter COMP- Fixed expanded parameters label text overlapping in some cases.
  • Panels that 'fill' or use 'max per row' now properly take into account spacing.
  • FBX COMP / USD COMP - Fixed a bug where animation playback speed was slowed down when dropping frames.
  • Bullet Solver COMP - Added Info CHOP channels for running time, playing time, index, etc.
  • CPlusPlus CHOP - Fixed info popup dialog always saying 'Timesliced'.
  • Tablet CHOP - Fixed swapped channel names issue.
  • Stype CHOP - Added a warning message when only invalid packets are received to help diagnose problems. Updated info channels to add more debug information.
  • CHOP Execute DAT - Fixed more cases of under/over callback executes.
  • Fixed broken parameter RMB menu entry "Jump to Export" or "Jump to Bind".
  • Fixed saving out files with unicode characters in the path/filename on macOS.
  • Fixed OP Create Dialog not opening a second time when power is off ie. project not cooking.
  • Fixed Shift + LMB box selection in Network Editor.
  • Palette:lister - Fixed a few bugs and added parameter to directly accept Table DAT to as input for the list.
  • Timer CHOP - Fixed a few reported bugs.