Spring 2019 Official Release
Release Notes 
May 06, 2019
New Features
  • Blob Track TOP - Overhauled and added background subtraction via a 2nd input. Using background subtraction speeds up performance massively.
  • Movie File In TOP - Hardware decode now supports 10 and 12-bit H264/H265s on supporting hardware.
  • Movie File In TOP - Hardware decoding now supports YUV 444 files.
  • CPlusPlus SOP / Script SOP - Added support for point and primitive groups.
New Palette
  • Widgets - Updated.
  • Palette:bloom - Added to the ImageFilters folder.
  • Palette:moviePlayer - Version 23
    • Added extension functions so you can open a movie at a specific time (seconds) or cue number, and optionally play/pause
GoToMovieFile(mvfilepath, time=None, play=-1) GoToMvSpec(mvspec, cue=None, time=None, play=-1, selectcue=-1)
    • Added function to get properties of movie secretly: GetMovieProperties(filepath)
    • Roller wheel zoom is off by default. (updated zoomImage to version 5)
    • This also changes behaviour how movies are loaded into TouchPlayer.
New Python
  • GroupSOP_Class - Added a new class which outputs the groups of geometry as a dictionary. It’s possible to iterate through the group's dictionary and check if a Point or Primitive belongs to a group. The Script SOP and Model SOP allow for you to add/delete an element to/from the group, get the owner of the group, set or get a group name or thoroughly destroy a group.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Text rendering artifacts in DAT viewers should be resolved.
  • Nvidia Flow TOP - A more useful alpha channel is created for the output.
  • Movie File In TOP - DPX image support works again.
  • Movie File In TOP, Movie File Out TOP - Upgrade to Nvidia Video SDK 9.0.20. Driver 418.81 or higher is now required for hardware decoding and encoding
  • Video Stream Out TOP - Fixed this node not working in recent builds.
  • Video Device Out TOP - Added error if Blackmagic Driver 11.X is installed, which is incompatible with the SDK TouchDesigner currently uses. (Use latest 10.X drivers)
  • Timer CHOP - Done pulse supports parallel mode. Fixed runningIndex in parallel mode with goTo().
  • Timer CHOP - Fixed locked to timeline output when speed is adjusted during playback.
  • Timer CHOP - Fixed missing ending when speed < 1.
  • Timer CHOP now responds to changes in the segment table (parallel or serial mode), by preserving total running index.
  • FBX COMP / USD COMP - Added 7 new channels when an Info CHOP is pointing to it; initializing, ready, done, running, timer_fraction, timer_seconds, running_time.
  • Custom Operators - New OP_TimeInfo is now available from the OP_Inputs which gives you information about the node's cook timing, rate etc.
  • Custom Operators - Give a better error if a .dll fails to load due to missing dependencies.
  • CPlusPlus DAT / CPlusPlus SOP - Can now have more than 1 input.
  • Sync In CHOP / Sync Out CHOP - Added local address parameter for using specific NIC.
  • CHOP Execute DAT - Avoid same frame execution so it doesn't cook on the same data, except when timeline is paused.
  • Panel repositioning now takes into account Children Scale properly and any other parent scaling settings(Fit to Grid, etc), and fixed panel repositioning when using display scaling in Windows.
  • Value ladders, rollover tips, menus now drawn properly in panels without distortion or duplicates.
  • Fixed some cases of dragging windows loosing focus and not dragging on macOS.
  • List COMP - Fixed .setKeyboardFocus() not working until cell had been clicked initially.
  • SOP to DAT - Added 'group' column that shows what groups (or points or primitives) a SOP is part of. The DAT to SOP can conversly now search for a 'group' column and properly assign groups to its geometry.
  • OP Find DAT - Fixed parameter matching being OR'd instead of always AND'd with each other.
  • Parameter DAT - Add 'label' column.
  • Line MAT Improvements
    • Added 'Width Model' menu to specify width relative to World or relative to Ortho Width.
    • Now has picking support via Render Pick OPs.
    • Fixed the point size being small and fixed point width in orthographic camera.
  • Improvement to text rendering in DAT viewers, attempt to fix chunky text.
  • Line MAT - Fixed macOS shader compile issues.
  • Fixed data dependancies when using old Tscript local Variables, in cases where used by python var() expressions as well.
  • Nvidia Flow TOP - Reworked Reset parameter to be Initialize/Start pulses instead.
  • FBX COMP / USD COMP - Added Initialize/Start buttons.
  • Import Select SOP - Added Initialize/Start buttons.
  • Windows installer now includes the latest CodeMeter Runtime 6.81
Backward Compatibility
BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY - Line MAT removed "FOV Independant" and "Width Model" parameters. Instead added "Width Affected by FOV/OrthoWidth" toggle.