Basic Widgets Release, binding parameters, Web Render TOP on macOS and rename to 2019.10000 branch
Release Notes 
Jan 10, 2019
New Features
  • Widgets - A new set of UI components for building control panels, performance interfaces, applications and systems. Designed to be modular and updatable, this new architecture is fully customizable and extendible and will be TouchDesigner's primary UI toolkit going forward. This first release of Basic Widgets can be found in the Palette under UI > Basic Widgets. In the future there will also be a more advanced widget set for system builders, but we are looking for feedback on Basic Widgets first.
  • Binding - New parameter mode for bi-direction control of parameters.
  • Web Render TOP - Now supported on macOS.
  • TOPs - Added "Parent Panel Size" entry to Output Resolution menu parameter; this will set the resolution to the width/height of the Parent Panel. If it is not the immediate parent, it will look up the hierarchy and use the width/height of the first parent panel found.
  • Particle SOP - Added new parameter 'Surface Attraction' to control the surface attraction force.
New Python
  • Body Class - Represents a body in a Bullet Solver simulation.
  • ActorCOMP Class.bodies - Returns the bodies within this operator.
  • BulletsolverCOMP Class.actors - Returns the Actors within this operator.
  • Par.bindMaster - The object to which this parameter is bound to, possibly None.
  • Par.bindReferences - The list of objects which bind to this parameter, possibly empty.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Movie File Out TOP - Fixed 'Max Threads' not working correctly when trying to change it after a recording has been done.
  • Text SOP - Added support for outputting open polygons.
  • Text SOP - Added support for extruding on macOS.
  • Text TOP / Text SOP - Change 'Language' to 'Break Language' and make it a menu.
  • Text TOP - Fixed crash when referring to an outside Field Component.
  • Bullet Solver COMP - Added 'Always Simulate' toggle.
  • Constraint COMP - Added visual guides to the viewer.
  • Constraint COMP - Added parameter to enable/disable collisions between constrained bodies.
  • Constraint COMP - Added 'Display Constraint' toggle that will display a guide for the constraint in the viewer.
  • Actor COMP - Added support for instance scaling (was not working before).
  • Actor COMP - Fixed Collision SOPs parameter so that it can accept regex and multiple strings.
  • Bullet Solver CHOP - Added colliding_actor_id/colliding_body_id channels.
  • Camera COMP - Quad Reproject now works better when the quad is backfacing.
  • Timer CHOP - Fixed 'On Done' menu behaviour, as well as with cycling.
  • RealSense TOP - 'librealsense' library not supported on Windows 7 OS. Can continue to use older 'RealSense SDK for Windows'.
  • GLSL MAT - Added instanceID overloads for TDDeform*() functions.
  • GLSL MAT - Fixed crash that occurs when using 3D textures as a map.
  • Copy SOP - Reorganized 'Attribute' page with popup menus.
  • OP Find DAT - Fixed very long incremental searches when starting from root.
  • CPlusPlus TOP / CPlusPlus CHOP / CPlusPlus SOP / CPlusPlus DAT - cookCount added as available data to the OP_*Input classes.
  • DAT - Fixed DATs to allow inserting or appending its own columns/rows.
  • Text DAT - Fixed cases where extra random characters were added to DATs when saving from an external editor.
  • Folder DAT - Added callbacks parameter and attached DAT with 4 available callbacks: onInitGetColumnNames, onGetValues, onGetInclude, onFound
  • Added UTF-8 support to various callback parameters:
    • Art-NET DAT: short name, long name, node report
    • MQTT Client DAT: label, topic
    • Web Socket DAT: text
    • DAT.text member for Table DATS
  • Fixed perform window size when panel set to 'Size From Window'.
  • Fixed 'Reset Parameter' bug causing lost unused string expressions on save (ie. parameter was in Expr or Export mode).
  • Allow dragging/dropping of string parameters onto each other.
  • Fixed .bchan files not loading correctly.
  • Fixed OP Create Dialog crash when launching new panes (ie OP Snippets).
  • Fixed hang that can occur when using a License Dongle and quitting on macOS.
  • Improved homing of viewers in cases using GPU Direct geometry.
  • Various crash fixes.
Backwards Compatibility
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY WARNING - For CPlusPlus nodes, matrices are now returned in column major (vector on the right) convention to be more consistent with other code such as GLSL and tdu.Matrix classes.
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY WARNING * - Actor COMP moved Perform Contact Test toggle to Bullet Solver COMP.
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY WARNING * - Bullet Solver COMP / Actor COMP moved 'Callbacks DAT' parameter and docked DAT from Actor COMP to Bullet Solver COMP.