Mirror TOP, Substance 4K, Camera Quad Reprojection, Text SOP extrude and bug fixes
Release Notes 
Nov 29, 2018
New Features
  • Mirror TOP - New TOP for mirroring part of an image on top of itself. (Thanks Joel!)
  • Web Render TOP - Now works using Non-Commercial licences (this is still Windows only, macOS coming soon).
  • Substance TOP - Upgraded to most recent Substance Designer engine, now has support for 4k textures.
  • Text SOP - Added ability to extrude generated geometry. Windows only this build, next build will have macOS functioning.
  • Camera COMP - Added Quad Reprojection support. This allows an arbitrary section of a render, as defined by 4 points from a SOP, to be treated as the projection plane. The contents of the quad are reprojected to fill the final output view as part of the render, resulting in a full resolution render for that sub-region of the original render.
  • Search External Python Path Last added to preferences to control the order custom python module paths are searched, either before or after TouchDesigner's builtin modules.
  • Geometry Viewer - Homing now works for instanced geometry.
  • OP Snippets now has examples for Bullet Solver COMP and Line MAT.
New Palette
  • Palette:moviePlayer - Version 17 improvements
    • Contents can adapt to any compoennt size.
    • Specify height of each control strip.
    • Movie can be behind or above controls.
    • Can now output mvspec.tox for later use with a moviePlayer in another process.
    • Improved layout and font sizing.
  • Palette:kantanMapper - Improved uv mapping for adding rows and columns in grid mode, performance improvements when textures change.
New Python
  • Par.exportSource - Returns the object exporting to this parameter. For example Cell, Channel, or None.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Oculus Rift - Upgrade to Oculus SDK 1.31.0.
  • Fixed Custom Operators not working on macOS.
  • Fixed a memory leak when parent cooking was disabled that effected Error DAT/MIDI In DAT/MIDI Event DAT/TCP/IP DAT/UDP In DAT/UDP Out DAT/Serial DAT
  • Bullet Solver COMP - Added an 'Initialize Sim and Collision Shapes' pulse button.
  • Actor COMP - Added 'Auto Initialize' parameter to automatically re-initialize when any child SOPs are changed.
  • OSC In CHOP - Fixed unwanted leading "/" in channel names.
  • Movie File In TOP - Fixed pre-loading not working correctly.
  • Copy SOP - Fixed error that occurs in some cases when trying to stamp.
  • Text SOP - Behavior on macOS is more robust now.
  • Text TOP - Added support for scalable fonts and mipmap texture fonts on macOS.
  • Render TOP - Removed incorrect warning about blending and alpha when using a PBR MAT.
  • Fixed TD*Noise() and TDRotate* not working in geometry shaders.
  • Fixed oversized 3D viewer axis characters.
  • Fixed cursor updating so you no longer have to leave the panel and re-enter for it to update.
  • Fixed GPU usage showing far higher usage than actually occuring.
  • Fixed saving and reloading of locked SOPs containing groups.
  • Fixed Shared Memory and Web Render TOP issue causing them to not work at all.
  • Standardizing older parameter pages with sub-pages to not use sub-pages.
  • List COMP - Fixed crash in initialize function.
  • Geometry COMP - Fixed crash that can occur when turning off Instancing.
  • Fixed common crash that occurs when changing SOPs and navigating around networks.
  • Fixed opening/closing/duplicating pane crash.
Backwards Compatibility
  • BACKWARDS COMPABITILITY WARNING - GLSL TOP, GLSL MAT - GLSL 1.20 has be deprecated on Windows (never been supported on macOS). Please upgrade GLSL shaders to 3.30 or later for compatibility with future release branches.
  • BACKWARDS COMPABITILITY WARNING - DATs named /start and /stream/start will not longer execute on file start. Use the Execute DAT instead.