TDAbleton update and bug fixes
Release Notes 
Apr 19, 2019
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • TDAbleton 1.18.0 update
    • All components now have selective cooking optional with par toggle (default is False).
    • abletonSong now has current_cuepoint and tda_connected channels.
    • abletonSong now has callbacks onTDAConnectionChange and onSongInfoChanged.
    • tdAbletonmaster COMP now has output with connected channel.
    • Fixed channel prefix stripping in MIDI, level, and rack components.
  • Movie File In TOP - Fixed .dpx files not loading correctly.
  • Select CHOP - Fixed a crash when using python expression.
  • Copy SOP - Fixed excessive cooking case when using stamping.
  • Replicator COMP - Fixed a crash occurring with callbacks.
  • Fixed Drag to Reposition offset when dragging on scaled windows or monitors.
  • Panel repositioning now properly works with Children Scale settings.
  • Fixed crash loading specific .tox file.
  • Fixed startup crash.