Bug fixes
Release Notes 
Dec 13, 2018
New Features
  • Web Render TOP - Now works using Non-Commercial licences (this is still Windows only, macOS coming soon).
New Palette
  • TDAbleton - Updated to TDAbleton v1.17.0
    • Default OSC port changed.
    • Better sorting of output channels from abletonMidi, abletonLevel and abletonRack abeltonMidi to show a range of note channels before notes are received.
    • Fixed abletonRack in the Demo Set.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Work around new macOS 10.14.2 bug.
  • Fixed a hang on macOS that can occur when using a CodeMeter License Dongle and quitting.
  • NDI In TOP / NDI Out TOP - Upgraded to NDI 3.7.1.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Fixed a bug where a newly started recording would contain a frame from the previous record as its first frame.
  • Texture 3D TOP - Fixed a crash that occurs when using R, RG or RGB pixel formats.
  • Window COMP- Improved 'Close On Escape' behaviour.
    • Escape will now only close a window if this parameter is On.
    • To leave Perform Mode in TouchDesigner, use either escape (if enabled) or shift+escape (which may password prompt if private).
  • Movie File In TOP - Fixed issue where a black frame can be shown when using sequential playback with a negative Trim Start value.
  • Copy SOP - Fixed incorrect error that occurs in some cases when trying to stamp.
  • Fixed a bug with DATs where headers were being removed by Clear Log (OSCIn, UDPIn). Separate the clearing functionality of FIFO DAT from the others.
  • Optimized Expressions - Fixed a crash that can occur in some rare cases.