Bug fixes
Release Notes 
Nov 23, 2018
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Movie File In TOP - Fixed some crashes when loading certain .exr files.
  • Noise TOP - Alpha in a Coordinate Map input (2nd input) will no longer affect transform applied to the RGB coordinates from that map. RGB will act as if A is 1 and A will be passed through unchanged.
  • Video Stream Out TOP - Applied hotfix to fix stack overflow vulnerability recently found in live555 library.
  • Lookup TOP - Fixed a bug where the Extend Mode setting used on the lookup input from other TOPs would incorrectly affect the Lookup TOP behavior.
  • Render Pick CHOP, Render Pick DAT - Fixed incorrect pick results on first pick in some cases.
  • Timer CHOP - Members now update time dependent expressions correctly.
  • OSC In CHOP - Added 64-bit double input.
  • FIFO DAT - Fixed 'Clear' button behavior so it leaves the first row when 'Keep First Row' is enabled.
  • tdu.Matrix - Fixed isses with mapUnitSquareToQuad() and mapQuadToUnitSquare().
  • Matrix Class - Fixed fillTable() incorrectly filling the table with the transpose of the matrix.
  • Pane Class .topRight .bottomLeft expressions now properly update on changes.
  • Fixed negative values coming from sysinfo.ram
  • Fixed SOP crashing when cooking bezier/nurbs/grids.
  • Fixed lost exports on Substance TOP, script OPs, C++ OPs.
  • Fixed cases of .width/.height not updating.
  • Fixed Panel Class interactTouch() related crash.
  • Fixed opening/closing/duplicate pane crashes.
  • Fixed selected operators not finding replicated operators.
  • Fixed snapping camera viewers in some cases.
  • Fixed exposed password characters on first typing.
  • OP Snippets updated with new snippets and fixed geo viewers showing nothing.
  • Non-Commercial licenses can now create TOPs with widths greater than the 1280 if their height is 4 or less pixels high (Previously limited to 2 pixels high). This allows for some more usage cases for using TOPs as large arrays of data with Non-Commercial licenses.