Bug fixes
Release Notes 
Oct 4, 2018
New Features
  • Panel COMP - Added parameter 'Constrain Cursor' which constrains the cursor to the area of the panel.
  • RealSense TOP - Added ability to turn off the IR Emitter.
  • Phong MAT - Added a height map parameter.
New Palette
  • Probe updated to use half the CPU resources when displaying large networks,and displays memory consumption on the meter on the left.
  • TDAbleton imrpovements
    • Fixed bug with duplicate scene names only showing one scene.
    • Added 'Cancel' button to TDA Master warning dialog.
    • Backwards compatibility warning: SongInfo['scenes'] is now a list instead of a dictionary indexed by name. This will only affect you if you were accessing this dictionary directly using Python.
  • TDVR improvements
    • Better Oculus support
    • Better switching between Oculus and Vive.
    • Simplified the naming of the OpenVR controller button channels from specific names of trigger and squeeze back to b1, b2, b3, b4, b5.
    • Changed the controller channel names for Oculus to match those of OpenVR.
New Python
  • OP Class.numChildren - Returns the number of children contained within the operator. Only component operators have children.
  • OP Class.recursiveChildren - Returns the number of operators contained recursively within this operator. Only component operators have children.
  • OP Class - OP.cookTime deprecated, replaced by OP.cpuCookTime.
  • Project_Class.saveTime - The time and date the project was last saved.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • PBR MAT - Fixed the texture swimming problems when using a height map.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Fixed crash when encoding Hap Q Alpha.
  • Movie File In TOP - Fixed a bug reading .exr files with a data window smaller than the display window.
  • Composite TOP - Fixed issue where it would sometimes use the wrong inputs for its layering.
  • Video Device In TOP - Fixed DataPath devices being indexed incorrectly when selected.
  • GLSL Multi TOP - Fixed old files opening with 'Clear Outputs' set to On instead of Off, breaking old behavior for compute shaders.
  • GLSL MAT - Fixed incorrect warning for unassigned samplers.
  • Alembic SOP - Fixed a crash when using expressions in certain parameters.
  • Alembic SOP - Fixed bug with 'Object Path' parameter where * would always be set on restart.
  • TouchPlayer - Removed video device and network access warnings when TouchPlayer starts.
  • COMP_Class.dirty flag fixed for various external tox save methods.
  • OP Find DAT - Added column toggles for General Properties, CPU Time, GPU Time, CPU Memory, and GPU Memory.
  • Changed OP Find DAT column names to be cpuCookTime, childrenCPUCookTime.
  • Perform Window now unconstrained if pointing to Panel set to unconstrained.
  • Faster startup times when CodeMeter software is installed and is searching for a dongle on a license server.
  • Fixed a bug with Atomic Counters occuring on AMD GPUs.
  • Fixed a bug with SOP inputs in C++ OPs.
  • Blacklisted a number of buggy AMD GPU drivers which will now show a warning on startup if being used.
  • Number of reported crashes fixed.
Backwards Compatibility
  • BACKWARDS COMPABITIBILITY WARNING - In TDAbleton SongInfo['scenes'] is now a list instead of a dictionary indexed by name. This will only affect you if you were accessing this dictionary directly using Python.