Bug fixes
Release Notes 
Sept 10, 2018
New Features
  • Window COMP - Added option "Allow Minimize" which can keep a window from being minimize when turned off.
  • Window COMP - Added option "Constrain Cursor" which constrains the mouse to a specific area.
  • Components - External .tox loading options 'Reload Custom Parameters' and 'Reload Built-In Parameters' added.
  • Camera COMP additions
    • Added 'Window Roll Pivot' parameter.
    • Allow 'Windows X/Y' to work with Orthographic projection.
  • Texture SOP - Added Camera Aspect parameter to adjust the aspect ratio of the coordinates generated when using 'Perspective From Camera' mode.
  • Rectangle SOP - Added Camera Aspect parameter to adjust the aspect ratio when using 'Fill Camera View' mode.
  • Oculus Rift SOP - SOP for importing the geometry of the left or right Oculus Touch controller.
New Palette
  • TDVR bug fixes to the TouchDesigner VR Environment package.
  • TDAbleton update
    • Now requires a TDA Master component in Live set:
      • Added dialog that automatically creates TDA MAster if missing.
    • Changed default OSC ports to avoid Resolume defaults:
      • 8887 is now default TD port.
      • 8001 is now default Ableton port.
  • Lister update
    • Added "Ignore First Input Row" toggle to facilitate tables with first-row labels.
    • Changed default to "Refresh On Input Change" True - a more intuitive mode.
  • Probe - Now shows nodes' and their children's memory consumption of both the CPU and GPU, in addition to CPU and GPU cook times times. See Probe's Help. You can also listen to your networks cook.
New Python
  • TOP Class - New numpyArray() method that allows retriving the whole image into a single numpy array. Faster to access multiple pixels in a script than using sample().
  • OP Class - New childrenGPUMemory() and childrenCPUMemory() methods added.
  • TOP.gpuMemory moved to OP.gpuMemory so it is accessible for all OP families.
  • OP.childrenCookTime and OP.childrenAbsCookFrame deprecated; use OP.childrenCPUCookTime and OP.childrenCPUAbsCookFrame instead.
  • Fixed args argument when executing global run method.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Window COMP - Fixed some issues with mixed DPI monitors and window opening position/size.
  • Video Device In TOP - Fixed crash when turning off the 'Sync Group' parameter.
  • Video Device Out TOP, Video Device In TOP - Better support for interlaced video for AJA devices.
  • CPlusPlus TOP - Fixed compile issue in macOS sample files due to undeclared NSOpenGLContext type.
  • Layout TOP - Fixed high cook times.
  • Movie File In TOP - Fixed crash that can occur when seeking certain movie files.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Fixed crash that can occur when switching between codecs and pixel formats in rare cases.
  • Cache TOP - Fixed 'Replace Single' not working in some cases.
  • Text TOP - Fixed some vertical font alignment issues on macOS.
  • GLSL MAT, Light COMP - uTDLights[].projMapMatrix will now always be set, even if a projection map isn't set in the Light COMP.
  • GLSL MAT - Fixed incorrect warnings for unassigned uniforms when using 'Inherit Uniforms/Samplers from' parameter.
  • Texture SOP - Now works more robustly with all view features of the Camera COMP.
  • Rectangle SOP - More robust behavior when 'Fill Camera View'. Fixed texture coordinates being upside down when using Fill Camera View.
  • Lag CHOP improvments
    • Added warning when blending quaternions and none found.
    • Copy incoming values for non quaternion channels.
    • Ignore 'Lag Per Sample' when not method 'Lag Value'.
  • List COMP - Scrollbar values can be accessed through new panel values 'scrollu' and 'scrollv'. All views on a single List COMP now are scrolled in sync.
  • Panel COMP - Fixed TOP Fill = Native option.
  • Drag-and-Drop - Fixed some drag drop issues when using a Non-DPI Scaled Window COMP that is on a monitor that has scaling enabled.
  • Make sure network and serial DATs are initialized before sending messages on startup callbacks. Fixed receiving broadcast messages on startup callbacks as well.
  • Improved handling of some non-ascii characters, handle extended keyboard chars for different languages.
  • FBX Import crash when dealing with poorly captured geometry.
  • Fixed a panel layout issue for child panels that are set to 'Fill' or are scaled.
  • Fixed 'Change OP Type' messing up node positions and default values.
  • Fixed a case where variables were not updating correctly.
  • Fixed empty 'runs' list when using delayed global run calls.
  • Fixed crash when navigating viewers receiving .interactMouse/Touch events.
  • Privacy Dialog and Key Manager Dialog received small fixes.
  • Better driver version checks and check for AMD graphics driver version bugs.
  • Fixed a number of crashes, thank you for your reports!