Cineform for everyone, macOS rendering fixes and TDAbleton major update. For TDAbleton see Backwards Compatibility Issues section below
Release Notes 
Aug 07, 2018
New Features
  • Movie File In TOP, Movie File Out TOP - Added support for CineForm codec encoding and decoding on macOS.
  • Movie File Out TOP - CineForm codec can now be encoded without any external software installed or the need for a CineForm license.
  • Layout TOP - Added border parameters allowing you to set border width and color around the images in the layout. Added a Transform page of parameters to translate, rotate and scale the inputs in the layout.
  • Tile TOP - Added Extend parameter to control what happens when setting crop parameters past the bounds of the image, for example less than 0 or greater than 1 if using fraction units.
  • Filter CHOP - Added Reset input, when greater than 0 the filter will have no effect. Reset input can use multiple channels to separately control multiple channels on the source input.
New Palette
  • TDVR now has VR Movie Recording in the utilities section. Also some bug fixes and general improvements.
  • TDAbleton - Improvements and bug fixes. Note Backward Compatibility Issues mentioned in the section below.
    • Fix problems on some installations with Max devices not being found
    • Fix issues with clip names being updated in abletonClipSlot
    • Fix error messages when renaming cuepoints
    • Add clip status callbacks to abletonTrack and abletonClipSlot
    • Add Play and Stop callbacks to abletonSong
    • Better hiding of CHOP channels on macro and level devices
    • Add scene firing features to abletonSong
New Python
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Phong MAT - Added work around for incorrect lighting that occurs on certain Intel GPUs on macOS. This would result in dark geometry because it was lit from the wrong side.
  • GLSL MAT - Added TDFrontFacing(vec3 pos, vec3 norm) as a wrapper for gl_FrontFacing. Provides an alternative to gl_FrontFacing on GPUs that have broken behavior for it, Intel GPUs on macOS mainly.
  • Movie File In TOP - Fixed raw .avi files playing upside-down.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Fixed an issue where Image Sequence would output frames that are a combination of two frames.
  • CHOP to TOP - Added work around for hang/crash caused by macOS GPU drivers when max width texture was used.
  • Circle TOP - Fixed unexpected softness results when radius is zero.
  • Helios DAC CHOP - Fixed choppy output when interacting with parameters in the parameter dialog.
  • Serial CHOP , Serial DAT - 'Baud Rate' parameter now allows for any baud rate to be set directly, even if not specified in the drop down menu.
  • In SOP - Fixed case where it would retain the input geometry when the connected node is deleted.
  • Alembic SOP - Fixed a reported crash.
  • Panel COMP - Fixed layout issues when using Fill Mode including rounding errors and not updating panel sizes of children.
  • Fixed a crash that might occur when using 'Change COMP Type' on a Component.
  • Fixed some over-cooking when evaluating parameters.
  • Fixed .width/.height overcooking in TOPs when switching networks or hiding components.
Backwards Compatibility
  • BACKWARDS COMPABITIBILITY WARNING - Exports to the Serial DAT or Serial CHOP 'Baud Rate' parameter in older builds will no longer work with new Baud Rate parameters.
    • abletonChainOrTrack component is now called "abletonChain". To properly update abletonChainOrTrack components from old versions, change their clone sources accordingly before update.
    • abletonChainParameter has been removed in favor of putting all chain features into abletonParameter. To properly update abletonChainParameter components from old versions, change their clone sources accordingly before update.
    • For packaging reasons, the Rack and AudioAnalyzer devices have been moved into TouchDesigner/TDA Project. Additionally, the TDA_Rack_OSC and TDA_Rack_MIDI_OSC devices have been moved into the subfolders of that project. If Live has trouble finding devices in your set from a previous version, use the ones found in TDA_Project.