Bug fixes and for C++ OPs see Backwards Compatibility Issue section below
Release Notes 
Jul 10, 2018
New Palette
  • Fixed help for those components that have help pages in this documentation. These components will now have a Help button and Version number at the top of their custom parameters.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed issue with 2018.24330 that would cause slowdowns after file running for some time.
  • Blackmagic Design - Upgraded to SDK version 10.11
  • TUIO In DAT - Improvments
    • Added profile column, and now can add more columns optionally.
    • Fixed an issue where a message from a different profile would clear active objects from other profiles. E.g a 2Dcur message would clear all active 2Dobj objects.
  • Fixed VFS getting lost in clone, replicator, drag-n-drop etc. Now the chromaKey palette component has its test movie back.
  • Movie File In TOP - Fixed frame interpolation issue that can occur when running at very low frame rates.
  • Movie File In TOP - Fixed issue where some .mpg files wouldn't play correctly.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Improvments
    • Fixed 'Add Frame' not working in conjunction with 'Pause' parameter to intermittently add frames to a movie.
    • 'Add Frame' pulse can now be used to write out single image files. Record parameter should not be turned On.
  • GLSL MAT - Added 6 more sampler parameters.
  • Text TOP - Fixed some word wrap issues with trailing spaces in the text on macOS.
  • Multi Touch In DAT - Fixed overwriting to wrong row.
  • Parameter Execute DAT onValueChange(val, prev) is now onValue(prev) where prev = True or False for toggle values not 'on' or 'off'. (Backward compatible)
  • TOP to CHOP - Fixed startup errors when loading with Download Type = Next Frame (Fast).
  • Audio Render CHOP - Fixed 'Listener' rotation not working.
  • Light COMP - Fixed texture allocation issue with Non-Commercial licenses and shadow maps greater than 1280x1280. Non-Commercial licenses can now create shadow maps larger than 1280x1280.
  • Fixed Camera COMP auto-homing on load which changed camera's transform parameter values.
  • Fixed tumbling and adaptive home setting getting stuck when multiple views were open on the same operator.
  • Parameter COMP - Fixed parameter menu crash when source parameters were customized.
  • OP.closeViewer(topMost) now works on internally opened dialogs as well.
  • Fixed TouchPlayer sometimes hanging on startup when using Non-Commercial licenses.
  • Fixed copySOP Class.copyTotal not updating.
  • More accurate CPU and GPU Children Cook Times on COMPs, but they are reported from the previous frame (i.e. one time slice later).
  • Fixed some odd behavior in File Import dialog sometimes not closing after importing a FBX file.
  • Fixed a case where the 'Collapse Selected' action would disconnect some inputs incorrectly with multi-input/unordered operators.
  • Crash fix when displaying geometry with more than 16 custom attributes.
  • Fixed bug where certain extended ASCII characters wouldn't function properly in expressions.
  • Fixed bug that broke OP_Input::getTOPDataInCPUMemory() for older C++ plugins loaded into the 2018.20000 series, see Backwards Compatibility section below.
  • Fixed hang when loading a .tox file created in newer build than the current TouchDesigner build being used.
  • Fixed private .toe files not loading properly.
  • some minor improvements/fixes to Palette components compareComp, probe, multiTouch, moviePlayer and opBrowser.
Backwards Compatibility Issue
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY ISSUE - C++ plugins that have been compiled using the headers from the 2018.20000 series of builds should be recompiled with the headers from this build to be forwards compatible with future builds. A bug in the previous header in the 2018.20000 introduced broken behavior in the OP_Inputs class.