Bug fixes
Release Notes 
Jun 05, 2018
New Features
  • CPlusPlus TOP - Added getShareRenderContext() to TOP_Context.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Fix for 2018.23440 - Exhaustive list of select/state default changes. NOTE: Files saved in 2018.23440 could have the wrong parameter defaults saved into the .toe file. Check that Panel Execute DATs using select/state are properly set.
  • FBX Importer - Fixed a bug where a Torus SOP was being created when drag and dropping a FBX file into the project.
  • Audio Render CHOP - Fixed crackling bug when attenuation flag enabled.
  • Fixed relative id not working for Multi Touch In DAT.
  • Fixed u,v range for multitouch in panels not positioned at 0,0.
  • Alembic SOP improvements
    • Reduced cook time by up to 50% in some cases when streaming alembic geometry.
    • Fixed a crash that sometimes occured when copy & pasting an Alembic SOP during streaming playback on macOS.
  • Window COMP bug fixes
    • Fixed a missing window issue when 'Draw Window' is off. Draw at least once to setup a visible window.
    • Fixed perform window not opening when 'Perform' parameter pulsed in startup script.
  • Fixed hang in some cases when closing the application with active ASIO devices.
  • Fixed some cases where crash would occur when closing project on macOS.
  • Fixed recognition of Allied Vision Camera where unique ID is not the IP address.
  • Fixed minimum depth blanking out results in OP Find DAT.
  • Fixed me.rate (CHOP Class .rate) not updating downstream.
  • Fixed SOP Class .numPoints and .numPrims not updating.
  • Fixed reported bug in TDJSON files.