Official Spring 2018 Release
Release Notes 
May 11, 2018
New Features
  • PBR MAT - Added 'Final Specular Color' and 'Final Diffuse Color' as options for outputting to color buffers.
  • Web Render TOP - Added option 'Use DAT' for specifying a DAT with text/html data scheme.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Audio File In CHOP / Movie File In TOP - Fixed issues with playing back audio that has more than 8 channels.
  • Fixed bug where re-initing cloned network dropped connected comp outputs to multi-input OPs.
  • Panel Viewers and Perform Mode .width .height are now affected by parent post-scaling options (children scale, align grid, fit, etc).
    • Level data transmitter from Ableton to TouchDesigner, including spectrum analysis rack. Also includes related TD Component for receiving this data.
    • Rack devices and related TD Component for easy control of TouchDesigner from Ableton.
    • Cleanup and modularization of M4L devices.
  • OpenVR - Upgraded to SDK version 1.0.14.
  • RealSense TOP - Upgrade to libRealSense SDK 2.11.0.