Movie Out TOP H.265 encoding, AJA SDK updated and bug fixes
Release Notes 
Apr 20, 2018
New Features
Movie File Out TOP - H.265 support
    • Added support for H.265 HEVC encoding via Nvidia's GPU hardware encoder. Requires Nvidia GPU and Windows OS.
    • Added Bit Rate Mode controls for H.264/H.265 on Advanced parameter page.
  • Video Device In TOP, Video Device Out TOP - Upgrade to latest AJA SDK version, which should add support for newer devices such as the AJA Io 4k Plus.
New Python
  • OP Class - Added relativePath() method.
  • OSC Out DAT - sendOSC has two new keyword arguments.
    • useNonStandardTypes (defaults to True) - This can be set to False to force the command to only use the 4 standard types OSC supports: 32-bit int and float, string and blob.
    • use64BitPrecision (defaults to False) - This can be set to force sending both integers and floats as 64-bit values.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • TOP to CHOP - Even when Download type set to 'Next Frame', load immediately on startup to avoid initialization errors dependent on the output.
  • Audio Device In CHOP - Fixed crash that can occur if DataPath driver is selected, but no DataPath driver is installed.
  • Audio Device In CHOP, Audio Device Out CHOP - Fixed up Driver parameter so these nodes moves between Windows and macOS machines more cleanly bu adding the concept of default driver for each operating system.
  • Logic CHOP - Fixed a memory leak when scoping channels.
  • Render Pick CHOP - Fixed incorrect picking/triggering channel values when 'Search Size' > 1.
  • OSC In CHOP / OSC In DAT - Fixed a bug where re-activation would sometimes cause previous events to be reprocessed.
  • Fixed recently introduced crash that can occur when using UDP Multicast.
  • Fixed single value parameters not working with parameter evaluation optimizations.
  • Fixed issue with macOS TouchPlayer where file specifying non-existent Perform Mode monitior would hang.
  • Fixed macOS crash when closing that would spawn an empty crash dialog.
  • OP Snippets now launches faster (in same process). Also, if you select an OP in your network and then go Dialogs -> Operator Snippets, it will open the snippets for the current operator, if one is available.