Bug fixes
Release Notes 
Apr 09, 2018
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Movie File In TOP - Fixed a crash that can occur when changing the 'Max Decode CPUs' parameter.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Fixed a crash that can occur if the number of audio channels is reduced during a recording.
  • Composite TOP - Fixed 'Preview Grid' mode not working correctly on some GPUs.
  • Texture 3D TOP - Allow 'Replace Single' to work when 'Pre Fill' has also been used.
  • Tile TOP - Fixed a crash that can occur in some cases.
  • Audio Device In CHOP - ASIO Input reworked to avoid hangs and sluggish responses when selecting drivers or changing channel input scopes.
  • Environment Light COMP - Fixed cases of over calculating when cooking. New bug that was introduced in the previous build.
  • Light COMP - Fixed an issue where projection maps would also be projected out behind the light.
  • File In CHOP - Fixed a crash if a movie file with no audio is opened with this CHOP.
  • Trigger CHOP - Don't trigger when adding channels, only on proper value changes.
  • OSC In CHOP - Fixed a crash when bypass/unbypass state changed.
  • Panel components now handle differently sized/stretched children when laying out left/right or top/bottom.
  • Parameter COMP - The minimum width the parameter can be drawn at before scaling can now be read using .minWidth
  • Opening any window (viewer, menu choice, etc) will now be always on top if launched from a window that is always on top. (unless otherwise specified)
  • Floating panes can now be further split through existing UI or python.
  • Fixed creation of orphaned cloned replicants.
  • Fixed issue where drag drop does not work on macOS fullscreen windows.
  • Fixed crash on startup for some cases where TOPs required initialization.
Backwards Compatibility
  • BACKWARDS COMPABITIBILITY WARNING - The UDT protocol on network DATs and CHOPs has been deprecated and will be removed in future builds. The protocol has been abandoned by it's creators and seems to crash on Windows 10, as such we are removing support for it. Currently it will just create a warning when nodes use it.