Dongle Component Privacy, PreFilter TOP for Env Light Maps and bug fixes
Release Notes 
Mar 21, 2018
New Features
  • Component Privacy - Support for CodeMeter dongles to add Privacy to components and license their use.
    • Developers can now create CodeMeter dongles that will license the component to run (cook). These dongles do not give access to the networks inside, they just allow them to run on any licensed TouchDesigner or TouchPlayer.
    • A 'Developer Dongle' is used to make a component private and continues to give developer access to the networks inside the component.
    • Managing privacy with a Developer Dongle can be accessed through python or the Privacy Dialog (right-click on component and select 'Privacy...').
    • Setting up Developer Dongles is a service provided by CodeMeter and handled between the Developer and CodeMeter.
    • A Developer Dongle requires a Pro license but no additional fees charged by Derivative.
    • Contact us for further details about Developer Dongles.
  • Environment Light COMP - New options to pre-filter environment maps.
    • Automatic - Works as it did before and the Environment Light COMP automatically pre-filters the environment map.
    • From Pre-filter TOP - Uses the outputs from the new PreFilter Map TOP in the parameters below. Both Pre-Filtered Diffuse Map and Pre-Filtered Specular Map calculated in the PreFilter Map TOP and specified here.
    • Maps created with the PreFilter Map TOP can not have further processing done to them before being used by the Light.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Added support for saving mipmap levels into .dds files.
  • Execute DAT - Added new callbacks onProjectPreSave and onProjectPostSave to help with prepping content before saving and taking action after saving.
  • Panel COMP - Re-positioning of edges and centers improved to work with Anchors by adjusting Anchors or Offsets.
  • Panel COMP - New 'Anchor Drag' parameter (on Panel parameter page) allows updating of Anchor or Offset parameters by dragging the panel and its edges when the panel has Horizontal Mode or Vertical Mode set to Anchors.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Replicator COMP - Fixed overcooking on time dependent masters and fixed replicants that reload with external .tox files.
  • Transform TOP - If Extend is Zero, the background is now visible outside the bounds of the rectangle.
  • Filter CHOP - Added chanIndex (ie. me.chanIndex) so you can have a different filter width per-channel.
  • Updated probe.tox and fixes to multiMix.tox in the Palette.
  • Updated OP Snippets examples.