RealSense TOP D400 cameras and macOS, DMX Improvements and bug fixes
Release Notes 

Mar 02, 2018

New Features

  • RealSense TOP - Added support for Intel's new cross-platform librealsense API - This supports newer D400 series RealSense cameras on both Windows and macOS 10.13+

  • DMX In CHOP - Added 'Start Codes' parameter that will filter output based on the start codes of incoming sACN packets.

New Palette

  • Updated Tools > probe - Aside from now reporting GPU times, which provides great insight, there are more controls exposed on the probe component. You basically copy it from the palette, go into perform mode and press ctrl-p.

  • Updated Tools > moviePlayer - faster, more robust, minimal impact when switching movies. A pulse button will spit out movieEngine, a UI-less version that runs faster and can be embedded in other tools. External control has been revamped to allow a specific CHOP and channel to drive its timer, and allow for the channel to be expressed in seconds, frame or fraction.

  • Updated Tools > multiMix - Fixed bug with shader compilation on macOS.

  • Updated Tools > webBrowser - Fix to allow selecting, copying, and pasting text.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • DMX Out CHOP - Lots of improvements and bug fixes.

    • Fixed multicast broadcasting bug on macOS.

    • Fixed general issue with multicast for sACN.

    • Cleaned up labels and parameter names.

    • Fixed bug with sACN where channel numbers weren't updating properly.

  • Folder DAT - Added 'Project Extensions' parameter to monitor .toe files.

  • Audio Render CHOP - Added distance_attenuation channel to Info CHOP that points to an Audio Render CHOP.

  • Global OP Shortcut - Now should register even when cooking disabled. Also fixed update issue when parameters cached.

  • Fixed recursion hang in Select COMP.

  • Fixed crashes caused by per frame callbacks launching modal dialogs causing re-executing per frame callbacks.

Backwards Compatibility

  • BACKWARDS COMPABITIBILITY WARNING - Default for Python-type custom parameter is now None instead of empty string.