Hokuyo CHOP, GLSL #include support and bug fixes
Release Notes 
Feb 23, 2018
Note that the build numbers for this branch changed from 2017.30000 series to 2018.20000 series.
New Features
  • Hokuyo CHOP - New CHOP that supports serial Hokuyo devices/sensors.
  • GLSL TOP / GLSL MAT - Added support for #include statements on GPUs/Drivers whose GLSL compiler support it. Node paths can be used directly, including relative paths.
  • Palette:Probe now reports GPU time as well as CPU time.
  • Palette:MoviePlayer has been improved, including better external controls.
New Python
  • tdError and tdAttributeError exposed so they can be used in try/except clauses.
  • Added maxResults to COMP.findChildren() args.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • TCP/IP DAT added 'connections' to Info CHOP. In the case of clients the value is 1 when connected to a server. In the case of servers it reflects the total number of clients.
  • OP Find DAT - Added Include Component, Maximum Operators parameters.
  • Folder DAT - * Added 'Tox' extensions option.
  • Select TOP - Can now resize the texture it's selecting.
  • Threshold TOP - Removed lower limit on threshold value.
  • Trail SOP - Further crash fixes.
  • S Curve CHOP - Bias before Linearize.
  • CPlusPlus SOP / CPlusPlus TOP / CPlusPlus CHOP - Added embedded file support VFS.
  • Select COMP - Fixed reported .width .height when size matched to source.
  • Window COMP - Fixed crash due to monitor not found.
  • Window COMP - 'Update Settings from Window' un-doable.
  • List COMP - Fixed text spilling outside cells.
  • List COMP - Fixed cell border offset bug.
  • Reworked Global OP Shortcuts to avoid hangs, extra cooks and missing conflict warnings.
  • Fixed OP.childrenGPUCookTime not updating when called in Python.
  • Add Info DATs by default for GLSL OPs.
  • Some tweaks to the new scroll bars in Panel Components.
  • Fixed slowdown in macOS which sometimes occurred when a window was closed.
  • Fixed broken .menuNames, .menuLabels when items were dynamic or changing.
  • Fixed incorrect drag drop coordinates when dragging from a panel.
  • Fixed UI tracking of nodes when they are renamed (caused invisible CHOP viewers at times).
Backwards Compatibility
  • BACKWARDS COMPABITIBILITY WARNING - Now Python None object to string casts to empty string instead of 'None' within parameter evaluation for operator parameters only. Will work with list objects as well.
  • BACKWARDS COMPABITIBILITY WARNING - Fixed Text TOP and Text SOP evaluation to be consistent with other string parameters which convert lists objects to space separated text.