Scrollbars, HAP Encoding, Window COMP improvements, Ximea Camera support and bug fixes
Release Notes 
Jan 19, 2018
New Features
  • Panel Components - Any Panel COMP with 'Children' page of parameters now has options for scrollbars.
    • Separate options for horizontal and vertical scrollbars (Children page of parameters).
    • Scroll Overlay options (Panel page of parameters).
  • Movie File Out TOP - Added support for regular Hap and Hap Alpha encoding.
  • Window COMP - Improvements for working with multiple monitors and DPI scales.
    • Fixed 'Read Current Settings' not working well with multiple monitor configurations and DPI scaling.
    • Added ability to shift a window to whatever monitor the mouse is located on when it is opened.
  • Video Device In TOP - Added support for Ximea cameras.
  • Performance Monitor - Added option to log extension compilation time.
New Python
  • Window COMP - Improvements for working with multiple monitors and DPI scales.
    • Added .contentX .contentY .contentWidth and .contentHeight members to get information about the location of the window's contents on the monitor.
    • Added 'scalingMonitorIndex' python member.
  • Monitor Class - Added scaled* members for width/height and bounds.
  • UI Class.openCOMPEditor(path) - Opens the Component Editor for the specified operator. 'path' - Specifies the path to the operator. An OP can be passed in as well. ui.openCOMPEditor(n)
  • tdu.split() added
Return a list from a space separated string, allowing quote delimiters.
string: any Python object... will be evaluated as str(string), so parameters will work. eval: if True, convert any valid Python literal structures: strings, numbers, tuples, lists, dicts, booleans, and None.
split('1 2.3 None fred "one '2'" "[1,2]"')
yields ['1', '2.3', 'None', 'fred', "one '2'", '[1, 2]']
split('1 2.3 None fred "one '2'" "[1,2]"', True)
yields [1, 2.3, None, 'fred', "one '2'", [1, 2]]
  • OP.OPType now returns the name of the operator type;
      • Example 'waveCHOP'.
    • This isn't necessarily the same as OP.type +;
      • Example 'audiodeviceinCHOP' vs 'audiodevin' + 'CHOP'.
    • COMP.create() now takes a string OPType as a parameter, OR an operator type;
      • Examples
      • op('/project1').create('waveCHOP') #string
      • op('/project1').create(waveCHOP) #type
      • op('/project1').create(type('wave1')) #type of existing operator
New Palette
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Escape key ends keyboard focus for Text DATs, consistent with Tables. (from Official Branch 2017.15980+)
  • File Import Dialog now creates operators set to Python language mode. (from Official Branch 2017.15980+)
  • Screen Grab TOP - Fixed crash and broken functionality that started to occur with Windows 10 Creators Update edition. (from Official Branch 2017.15980+)
  • Folder DAT - Fixed date columns not updated when first enabled. (from Official Branch 2017.15980+)
  • Trail SOP - Fixed crash when unbypassing. (from Official Branch 2017.15980+)
  • TouchPlayer - Fixed not loading preferences correctly.
  • Render Pick CHOP and Render Pick DAT - Now work correctly when doing fish-eye rendering.
  • Audio Render CHOP - Normalize listener up/ahead vectors to prevent large channel values in AmbiX format.
  • OSC In CHOP - Speed dramatically improved for large numbers of channels.
  • Keyboard In CHOP - Channel values should always start at 0 when a file loads, not the value they were saved at.
  • Trail SOP - Fixed crash when turning off bypass flag.
  • Folder DAT - Fixed issue updating on macOS.
  • List COMP - Fixed rollover panel values.
  • Fix for .inside panel member which was affecting rollover states.
  • Fixed a number of crashes (Replicator COMP, Drag Drop)
  • Fixed ui.viewFile() not opening in macOS.
  • Fixed some wiring issues with COMP inputs/outputs.
  • Removed MAT page from Preferences Dialog.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Fixed first frame missing in output movie/image sequence.
  • GLSL TOP and GLSL MAT - Added GLSL 4.60 support (Windows only).
Backwards Compatibility
  • BACKWARDS COMPABITIBILITY WARNING - The Window COMPs .width and .height members gave inconsistent results when borders were enabled but borders aren't included in the size. They now always give the size of the window, including borders.