S Curve CHOP, macOS window spanning, audio device parameters and bug fixes
Release Notes 
Oct 27, 2017
New Features
  • S Curve CHOP - A new CHOP that generates S curves.
  • Parameter COMP - Pages parameter now has a Scope menu for easier selection.
  • macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) can now span windows across multiple monitors, allowing Perform Mode and Window COMPs to be setup the same as on Windows OS configurations. To enable this in macOS, System Preferences > Mission Control > Displays have Separate Spaces must be turned Off.
  • Audio Device Out CHOP / Audio Device In CHOP / Audio Play CHOP - New options 'Specify Device' and 'Error if Missing' to avoid changing device parameters when moving your project between systems with different audio devices connected.
  • Now RMB-click on components in the address bar to open their context menu.
New Python
  • tdu.collapsePaths(path, asExpression=False) - Added asExpression flag to allow expressions involving app folders. Collapse order is now:
  1. project.paths
  2. project.folder
  3. app.binFolder
  4. app.configFolder
  5. app.installFolder
  6. app.samplesFolder
  7. app.preferenceFolder
  8. app.userPaletteFolder
  • tdu.clamp(inputVal, min, max) -> val - Returns the input value clamped between min and max values. Supports any types that can be compared (int, float, string, etc).
  • tdu.remap(inputVal, fromMin, fromMax, toMin, toMax) -> double - Returns the input value remapped from the first range (fromMin/Max) to the second range (toMin/Max).
New Palette
  • particlesGpu now has control over birth rate. This is Windows OS only as it requires glsl 4.2 and atomic counter support.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Video Device In TOP - Fixed some issues with GPU Direct and YUV color space images.
  • Fixed TouchPlayer incorrectly launching in Designer mode.
  • Par Class .menuNames, .menuLabels now cached for faster expressions.
  • List COMP - Fixed prevRow, prevCol values for onHover, onDrop callbacks.
  • Alembic SOP - Fixed some issues with Transformion parameters.
  • DAT module summary included in extension pop-up info (MMB on operator).
  • Fixed issue where entering/exiting perform mode would sometimes display parts of the UI at the wrong size.
  • Fixed macOS Fill Location for All Monitors to go full screen no menu bars.
  • Fixed parameter not updating on storage change.
  • Fixed a number of parameter and expression cooking issues discovered.
  • Fixed some initialization and startup issues.
  • Fixed many parameter, expression, dependancy, and cooking issues introduced in this branch's optimization package.