Bug fixes and improvements
Release Notes 
Jan 10, 2018
New Features
  • CodeMeter License dongles can now be used across a LAN using the CodeMeter license server. No change to existing dongles is required to make them functional for this. Only functional for Windows in the 2017.10000 series of builds. Functional for macOS in the 2017.30000 series of builds.
  • Text TOP - Added 'Leading Zero' parameter forcing a leading zero to be prefixed before the decimal of a value between -1 and 1. For example .9 becomes 0.9
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Syphon Spout Out TOP, Syphon Spout In TOP - Now respects the Max Senders registry setting and will try to set the Max Senders to 100 by default if TouchDesigner is the first application started and the registry value isn't set.
  • TUIO In DAT - Fixed slow memory leak that occurred in this node.
  • GLSL TOP - Fixed some cases where the uTD*Info arrays had incorrect data.
  • Provides popup warning when TouchDesigner starts in Non-Commercial mode but an expired Educational, Commercial, or Pro licence is found.
  • Replicator COMP - Fixed crash when replicator callback is causing other replicants to be deleted.
  • Fixed ui.viewFile() not opening correct path in macOS.
  • Fixed case where CHOP export to a pulse parameter failed to register on startup.