TDAbleton in Palette and bug fixes
Release Notes 

Dec 09, 2017

New Features

  • TDAbleton - Is ready and now in the Palette! This is our completely new TouchDesigner - Ableton development environment. For more details and setup see TDAbleton.
  • Field COMP - New parameter 'Render Cursor' which when turned off can be substituted with values derived from new Text TOP info channels: cursor_x, cursor_y, cursor_width, cursor_height (Tip: use an Info CHOP referencing the Text TOP to access these info channels).
  • GLSL MAT - Added TDCreateTBNMatrix() function.

New Palette

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • NDI Out TOP - Fixed some crashes that can occur when resolution is changing.
  • Vioso TOP - Improvements
    • Added 'Filter' parameter.
    • Fixed not working on AMD GPUs.
    • Fixed issue with image quality when input image didn't match the resolution of the warp texture.
  • Cube Map TOP - Fixed resolution of cube map not being correct in some cases.
  • Cube Map TOP - Fixed some issues with missing pixels when converting from cube map to vertical/horizontal cross.
  • Movie File In TOP - Cineform video codec is now available for all licenses.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Cineform video codec is now available for all licenses.
  • Video Device Out TOP - Fixed crashes with Non-Commercial license when resolution is higher than 1280x1280.
  • Video Device In TOP - IDS camera improvements
    • Fixed issue with multiple cameras that were assigned the same Camera ID not working correctly.
    • Fixed issue where cameras would get re-setup when changing.
  • Substance TOP - Updated Substance Designer SDK to version 6.0.0
  • Substance Select TOP - Fixed a crash when referencing a TOP that isn't a Substance TOP.
  • Text TOP - .cursorStart .cursorEnd members can now be set for finer cursor control when used with a Field COMP.
  • Constant CHOP - Fixed snapping behaviour when first channel is not zero. It will now snap up to 40 channels, and not (40-start). Fixed first field when snapping.
  • Timer CHOP - onCycleStart was returning cycle value that was too high by one.
  • Speed CHOP - Improvements
    • Fixed steppy/stalled output from precision errors when using loop/zigzag modes.
    • Fixed precision error when small value zigzagged between large bounds.
    • Fixed recent range change when looping bug.
  • In CHOP - Fixed infinite recursion issue.
  • Int parameters now have 8 significant digits (up from 6) when saving/loading.
  • Fixed crash when interactTouch()/interactMouse() would delete a panel during an interaction.
  • Fixed some issues when editing parameters in external editors.
  • Fixed some crashes with the Replicator COMP.
  • Removed old Ableton examples from samples folder.