Bug fixes
Release Notes 
Nov 02, 2017
New Features
New Palette
  • moviePlayer component added for playing and exploring movie files, setting cue points, and presenting sections of movies.
  • gal UI collection updated.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Noise TOP - Fixed broken Random (GPU) Noise on some Intel GPUs.
  • Noise TOP - Fixed non-monochrome GPU based noise not working on Intel GPUs.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Fixed H264 Profile Parameter not being correctly applied.
  • Render TOP - Work around macOS bug that broke Cube Map rendering.
  • Video Device In TOP - Fixed color IDS Camera images not working correctly.
  • OSC In CHOP - Fixed delayed by one issue when non-queued and intermittent values sent.
  • Gesture CHOP - Fixed occassional unstable output when Locked to Timeline or Fit to beats was used.
  • Gesture CHOP - Fixed discontinuity when blending output.
  • Text TOP - Polygon fonts now correctly again on Windows. macOS still falls back to 'Texture' fonts when polygon fonts would otherwise be used.
  • Fixed issue with opening external editor for parameters.
  • Always fill alpha on BlackMagic devices