Bug Fixes
Release Notes 
Oct 17, 2017
New Features
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • ASIO now supports 128 input and 128 output channels (up from 64).
  • List COMP - Background Color Alpha now implemented.
  • Folder DAT - Fixed an issue that can cause very slow startups if many Folder DATs are present in the project.
  • Window COMP - In TouchPlayer 'Close On Escape' will now close the perform window and quit the file.
  • Updated Privacy dialogs for both projects and components.
  • Cutting and pasting from private to non-private toes is now supported.
  • Fixed "Update" notification not respecting "Check Experimental" preference.
  • Fixed GPU memory usage being reported as much higher than correct.
  • Fixed Animation COMP's end time being rounded down to integers when units are specified in seconds.
  • Fixed other small issues reported.