Bug fixes
Release Notes 
Sep 27, 2017
New Features
  • OSC In CHOP - New 'Queued' parameter to turn off queuing and just take most-recent values.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Video Device In TOP - Fixed resolutions higher than Non-Commercial limit not working correctly in Non-Commercial.
  • NDI Out TOP - Fixed issue that causes NDI Monitor application to crash when connecting to this node.
  • DMX Out CHOP - For sACN and Art-Net removed the restriction that net, subnet, and universe must be unique since different IPs can be used.
  • Switch CHOP - Clamp index specified by CHOP input to be consistent with parameter input. Otherwise output would be input index value or entirely blank.
  • DAT to SOP - Fixed Crash when invalid DAT data specified.
  • Replicator COMP - Replicants now laid out in table order, *not* alphabetically.
  • Convert DAT - Fixed converting tables to other tables (with 0 rows and/or 0 columns).
  • OP Snippets now properly opens the full size of the primary monitor.
  • Some other crashes solved