Bug fixes
Release Notes 
Sep 11, 2017
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Kinect TOP - Fixed infrared image for Kinect1.
  • Phong MAT - Fixed spherical environment mapping not working correctly.
  • Disable automatic tabbing feature in macOS 10.12 that was breaking mouse coordinate calculations.
  • Fixed TDAutoKey.txt not working in 099.
  • Attempting to enter a private component open the privacy dialog to enter password.
  • Numerous fixes and tweaks to COMP.findChildren() (tags, comments, and pattern matching being consistent with the OP Find DAT and the Select OPs)
Backwards Compatibility Issues
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY WARNING - COMP.findChildren() now uses extended pattern matching, to be consistent with OP Find DAT. This affects: name, path, comment, text, tags and parameter attributes. Example: name='geo[1-9]' now supported