Bug fixes
Release Notes 
Aug 09, 2017
New Features
  • Blob Track TOP - Added 'Revive Blobs' feature allowing blobs to be revived with their same ID if found again within a certain time and area tolerance.
  • FBX - Added support for importing primitive color.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Video Device Out TOP - 4K HDMI output works better for AJA cards.
  • Audio Play CHOP - Now reports errors when file not loaded and avoids opening bad files repeatedly.
  • Audio Device In CHOP - Fixed a bug where all channels disappeared when switching devices in some cases.
  • Noise TOP - Fixed noise coordinate map in non-monochrome mode.
  • Vioso TOP - Fixed flipping issues with Vioso and removed unnecessary flip parameters.
  • GLSL MAT - Fixed lights that were in the wrong position in geometry viewers when lighting space is set to 'Camera Space'.
  • Window COMP - Fixed 'Allow Interaction' toggle to work in Perform Mode.
  • Fixed floating Panel COMP window not readjusting when changing parameter size and 'Size from Window' is on.
  • Fixed drag drop coordinates so they are only converted to scaled x and y for DPI scaled windows.
  • Kantan Mapper can now use backspace key to delete shapes.
  • Don't abort/warn during save if root nodes have warnings or errors.
  • Fixed bad state when opening floating viewer on zero resolution panel.
  • Fixed TouchDesigner not launching in some environments related to splash screen.
  • Fixed startup crash when installed Splash media folder missing.
  • Fixed a number of crashes.