Bug fixes
Release Notes 
Jul 27, 2017
New Features
  • DMX Out CHOP - Addition and improvements.
    • The routing table now can have an optional 'netaddress' column to support multiple destinations per CHOP.
    • Added support for Art-Sync (ArtNet only).
    • Sequence count implemented.
    • Packet per Channel uses Rate parameter.
    • Packet output rate reported in Info DAT.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Tablet CHOP - Now working on macOS.
  • Vioso TOP - Add Flip X and Flip Y parameters.
  • Audio Device Out CHOP - Fixed ASIO Output for multiple channels.
  • TUIO In DAT - Fixed a warning message that always came up.
  • Helios DAC CHOP - New queuing system to provide more stable output that tolerates frame drops and FPS changes. Better channels in Info CHOP for Helios monitoring.
  • Pipe In CHOP / Pipe Out CHOP - Fixed echo to console not working.
  • Oculus Rift CHOP / Oculus Rift TOP - Added warning if project FPS not set to 90fps.
  • FBX - The 'takes' network created when importing FBX blend shapes has been modified to default to manual control of the shapes versus using the 'takes' channels.
  • FBX importing now works for geometry with more than one blend shape.
  • Animation COMP - Bugs fixes and optimizations.
    • Fixed de-selection of Animation Editor handles when manually setting field entries.
    • Don't cook every frame if set to Output Full Range when input (unused) is time dependent.
  • Fixed issue where cloned replicators may end up with as many replicants as the source, even if not specified by the cloned replicator's template DAT.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when accessing numChans from a CHOP that has been deleted.
  • Python module http.client.HTTPSConnection fixed for macOS.