Video Device TOP improvements and Bug Fixes
Release Notes 
Jun 4, 2017
New Features
  • UDP Out DAT - Added option to specify the local port instead of it being automatically assigned by the operating system.
  • MQTT Client DAT additions.
    • Now provides 'connected' channel to Info CHOP.
    • Added 'msg' arguement to failure callbacks, which may be supplied by server.
New Palette
  • particlesGpu now has an input for external forces like output coming from opticalFlow component.
  • KantanMapper cleanup.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Video Device In TOP - Fixed crash that can occur when selecting the BlueFish444 library.
  • Video Device In TOP - Better initial state when loaded on a system where the input configuration has changed but the original selected device is still present.
  • Video Device Out TOP - Added support for 1080p 23.98hz output for AJA devices.
  • Video Device Out TOP, Video Device In TOP - Blackmagic devices are enumerated in a more stable fashion now. Having two identical model Blackmagic devices in a system should work more reliably.
  • Select COMP - Internal justify, margin, crop texture, child offset, and fit parameters now get settings from source panel COMP.
  • List COMP - Fixed jerky and inaccurate scrolling/picking when fixed header different height than the rest of the rows.
  • Fixed issue where clones saved in older builds would load up empty when their master components had Enable = Off.
  • Fixed possible hang when disconnecting operators from component inputs.
  • Fixed Copy and Paste issue.
Backwards Compatibility Issues
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY WARNING - Due to changes in how Video Device Out TOP and Video Device In TOP devices are enumerated, you may need to re-select your devices in existing .toe files.
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY WARNING - Get timeCOMP.loop results were swapped as they were backwards. This will effect any scripts that were working around it.