WEBINAR - Notch and TouchDesigner – a love affair For Beginners & Intermediate

Notch is a powerful enviroment to create amazing motion graphics and interactive VFX in realtime, but how can you take this one step further?

Thats’s where TouchDesigner comes in as the perfect partner to create powerful immersive and interactive installations, VR/AR pieces and music driven performances. Together both tools deliver a more complete creator experience. Now you can connect physical programming with lasers, dmx lights and different kinds of sensors to drive the piece the way you really wanted to.

However, both tools require quite expesive licensing to play together, so not many people will be able to click along. That’s why most of the time you can lean back and Carlos will walk you through his workflow.

In the first part, Carlos will demonstrate how he connects and perfectly combines this two powerful tools in his daily pipeline to deliver final results. He explains how to create different visuals like volumetric fog, millions of particles, fluid and smoke fields without programming a single line of GLSL and how to use the procedural modelling tools.

He explores how to correctly send OSC and MIDI messages from TD to Notch and Spout and NDI signals from Notch to TD. At the end you will learn how to properly export a Notch Block that can be controlled in every aspect inside of TouchDesigner. 

The second part will be an extensive Q&A, where Carlos will answer your questions and try out all the things you want to know about this power couple – for you. 

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