TouchDesigner Developer at Contemporary Art Studio

Studio Daniel Kersh, a collaborative studio for practice and research in contemporary art and performance, is looking for a TouchDesigner Developer who is immediately available join their team for upcoming projects. The ideal applicant is well versed in interactive tech and immersive media.


We are currently developing a new interface using breathing and biofeedback to develop visual graphics that will guide users through a meditative journey centered around their breath. We have some incredible people involved who work at the forefront of neuroscience, technology, and art. The applicant will be asked to help create these visual graphics with the Creative Director and develop a control and playback system capable of receiving and reacting to live BPM data.


Applicants should have a strong passion for art, creativity, and experimentation. An interest in investigating technology, its capabilities, and its wonders. An interest in the physical nature of our human experience. Is cooperative and kind with oneself and others. Is ready to expand one's mental limits. Is ready to step into greatness.


Any experience in generative art, new media art, design, performance, motion graphics, CGI, or animation is valuable.

Other Valuable Skills:

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/StyleGAN

Google AI’s Quantum Advantage Research Data

3D Motion Graphics



This is a freelance position with potential for long-term and/or full-time collaboration.

If you believe you would be a good fit, please email a CV and cover letter to

Posted On 
Monday, June 28, 2021