Touchdesigner Consultant

Remote or hybrid

Special Touchdesigner to work in Digital Humanities Labs in Universtiy

I'm working at the Technological University of Uruguay, (UTEC) I´m the Director of the Center for Digital Transformation (site only in Spanish for the moment), I'm creating the Digital Humanities Labs. The goal of these labs is to analyze the impact of the integration of digital technology in different disciplines of the humanities; the first one is in music. Jazz and Music Creative is one of the careers of UTEC; the aim is to create a project with TouchDesigner. We need a specialist in TouchDesigner who can help us define the lines of research and guide us to understand how to work with this wonderful technology. The project will start the first week of August, and finish in December 2022.


Interested please send resume to 




Interested please send resume to 

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Friday, July 8, 2022